Chilling at MFJ420’s Medical Grow Room

Medicinal Marijuana Clone Update
June 4, 2012
Hemp for Victory 1942 US Department of Agriculture World War II 14min
June 5, 2012

Chilling at MFJ420's Medical Grow RoomSmoking TGA Ace of Spades in FarmerJohns Medical Marijuana Grow Room.


  1. SAVAGE STANCE says:

    whats jimmy bowls handle cant find that joint

  2. caliegrown says:

    lol,lmao, retartards. fuck crazy. 30 rds at he new 20s, DOL

  3. kushblunts604 says:


  4. jimturoful says:


  5. ArizonaBayGardens says:

    Right on man, I cant wait to see them. I wanted to hook up with you before I go and do a BHO run with my Ace. PM if your down.

  6. 420OGQUEEN says:

    🙂 & Thank you!

  7. DrGoodGrow says:

    Hey it’s the farmer john!!
    Hey man… I heard of your issues with Trolls and YouTube…

    Maybe try a different website. Daily Motion is a pretty good video website. I have just set up an account with them to try it out.
    Well wish you the best and congrats on the Vortex


    lol cover face up with banada , dont hide tattoo’s.

  9. zBlazeeee707 says:

    to high man lol light weights ahaha

  10. 420OGQUEEN says:

    LOL, you two are fucking baked. I say the products must be amazing. .

  11. Bret1Maverick says:

    I got that plusberry now too!. MFJ hooked it up with a cut. Im flowering it out and keeping a mom incase i want to keep it.

  12. NotofThisworld333 says:

    :+) :+) :+)

  13. ArizonaBayGardens says:

    For a grower I dont smoke that much, so yeah I was a little high….. lol

  14. 17nebula says:


  15. TheDailyBaker says:


  16. zBlazeeee707 says:


  17. Budbonics says:

    Lol fucking gone

  18. Sir Piffington says:

    Good video man just chillin and living life. Stay blazed farmer.

  19. caliegrown says:

    you two need to come threw California, DAM IT, COME THREW YOU TWO,you always have a place to stay,DOL