Calling Out Licensed Cannabis Producers (On Behalf of Canadian Patients)

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April 21, 2015
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In this video, Jason Wilcox makes an impassioned and inspired plea to licensed producers (LPs). Instagram: Google+: LinkedIn:.


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  2. Mark Thompson says:

    Calling Out Licensed Cannabis Producers (On Behalf of Canadian Patients):

  3. iam21incanada says:

    Lps prices are unaffordable. I pay 4.5x as much as I was paying befor hand
    wich will cost me 6000 – 7000$ at the end of the year for only a gram of
    product per day. It is worth noting that 70-80% of canadians make less than
    50 000$ per year. After tax thats close to 70-80 percent making under 43
    000 being that i am on the lower end of the pay scale less than 30 000 per
    year and lps dont accomadate for low income i will spend close to a third
    of my hard earned income on a product that cost cents per gram to produce.
    Lps do not price compastionetly and only offer discounts when they are
    forced to I.E: some one who is on disability or other forms of government
    assistance. Patients need to be able to have the option to grow there own
    medecine andalso have the option of purchasing RESONABLY priced medicine
    from lps if growing isnt an option for them. As of right now I feal like
    the Lps have a monoply on the medical marijuana industry and are abusing
    that monoply with unresonable pricing.

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