Best Method for Topping Marijuana

Super Cropping Marijuana Quick & Easy
March 12, 2015
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March 12, 2015

Welcome to Season 5 CONT! ☆ I have covered topping before, this video is for those newbies looking for a quick tutorial! 🙂 ✔ SUBSCRIBE ✔ LIKE ✔ COMMENT ✔ FAVORITE ✔ SHARE ✔ …


  1. bford98541 says:

    Might I ask what did you do with your trim? And have you thought about a
    possible live stream video where all of us true OGs can meet and chat and
    have an awesome stony virtual sesh? Thanks for the upload I can’t wait to
    try that out on my next batch 

  2. ene831 says:

    Second I like pie

  3. Treavyr Johnson botello says:

    Is there a such thing as topping too many times? I’ve done my girls twice
    now and am wondering when to stop

  4. Adem Erozan says:

    First! And like to say keep up the uploads, im enjoying the vids!