Berner Showcases FlavRX

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March 13, 2015
MMAR Trial Kick Off Fundraiser Doja
March 13, 2015

– Berner drops into the WM TV studio to check out some genuine Girl Scout Cookies solvent-free CO2 oil.


  1. Timothy Ezard says:

    Hey you guys hiring? lol. Lackluster on the info, but all I needed to know
    to want one. Good Job! 

  2. erratic_calm says:

    Looks identical to OpenVape. Either way, very dope product.

  3. BC GOTKILLZ says:

    berner > afroman

  4. MMMGrower says:

    No more Afroman?

  5. LittleLegion says:

    Haha Berner is a dope dude to replace Afroman if that’s the case

  6. Bong Time says:

    cool to see him on there…those look pretty cool for out n about

  7. Daniel TheDank says:

    CO2 is a solvent. You fuckin idiot.

  8. GermanShoter says:

    berner in da house !! :D