Automatic Garden Drip Irrigation Part 3: Final Prep Work, Drip Tubing, Fittings & Emitters

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March 28, 2013
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March 28, 2013

Automatic Garden Drip Irrigation Part 3: Final Prep Work, Drip Tubing, Fittings & EmittersIn this final part to my installation of an automated raised bed garden drip irrigation system, I lay the weed block, use compost for mulch, install compress…


  1. Rick Bell says:

    another good video!! You are a quiet a landscape person,its turning out great.

  2. d0mine11 says:

    Looks like your going to grow a lot more food this year. good job & thanks for the update

  3. Reaganite71 says:

    Since it’s a raised bed, tilling isn’t necessary year after year because compaction isn’t an issue. The weed block will keep weeds and grass from living underneath. At the end of the season, I’ll pull up the tubing, slide the weed block out and let the fresh season’s compost layer on top. I’ll then cover with a tarp or black visqueen to keep birds from planting seeds over the late fall and winter. Next season, I’ll set it back up, dig my plant hole, add fresh compost in the hole & plant. 😉

  4. David Dierlam says:

    I’m using 1/4″ predrilled tubing from Lowes. It sends a drip about every 12″. Why did you pick the 1/2″? It looks harder to put together than the 1/4″.

  5. christschool says:

    I’ve used that type of drip pipe before. It works well. The problem is at the end of the season and storing it for use next year. This year I’m going to try drip tape instead.  Also, good tip for you. If your local garden center sells it, buy Black Kow Mushroom compost. It is the best stuff I’ve ever used. See if you can get a discount if you order it by the pallet because its expensive.

  6. Reaganite71 says:

    If I want an emitter along the edge of the bed, or run drip tubing with an emitter over the end and into a container for container plants, I can that way 😉

  7. David Dierlam says:

    I’m going to try 1/2″ once the beds are empty. I put the 1/4″ AFTER I had a raised bed full of tomato plants. I snaked the 1/4 thru the tomato trunks with those green plant stakes with the tubing taped on the end.

  8. Bruce Wright says:

    I like to till in the fall & the spring. What do U do with Ur beds? with the tubing, weed cover, and irrigation lines on the bottom??? thanks

  9. Reaganite71 says:

    Last year I planted eight. The tee pee just looks cool when it’s covered with green leaves 😉

  10. DesertDigger1 says:

    great video! I’ve found its much cheaper and easier to use 1/2 ” p.v.c. pipe and just drill a small hole @ each plant.I did this last year and had 6,80 ft.rows,each valved,worked great.I used concrete rebar saddles to hold the pipe elevated.Preen weed block works the best,trust me I know,tried em all.Like the A-10 flyover,they train near here too.Reaganite a very smart man,was thinking not a good idea to trellis squash as well.Cant wait to see the bounty growing.

  11. TheSonoman1976 says:

    Your beds look outstanding! I hope to use some landscape fabric around my tomato plants this year in the raised beds to see how they like it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Bob McCormick says:

    What’s the advantage to using a closed loop system versus just running your lines down the bed and capping them off?

  13. arkansastrash320 says:

    Also thats a real nice set up your going to have such a nice garden this summer.

  14. christschool says:

    Also curious as to what zone you are in. Those feed lines will need a drain point somewhere. You have to put those things 2 feet deep in my zone, 7b, or they will freeze in the winter and crack.

  15. Louise B says:

    Great job. You should donate you old plant beds to someone you might know. It’s a good way to energize someone to start growing their own food. To plant a garden is to believe in the future.

  16. Reaganite71 says:

    It wasn’t that hard at all. I like the flexibility of putting emitters exactly where I want them and not wasting water. Also, 1/2″ tubing was only $10.30 per 100 feet at Sprinkler Warehouse. I can also connect to the 1/2″ tubing with 1/4″ line on the edge of the beds and run it into containers we might want to put on the ends or along the side of the bed quite easily this way.

  17. Reaganite71 says:

    After trying soaker hose last year, I think I’m really going to like the pressure compensating emitters. Next year, If I want to change it up, I just have to pop in a goof plug and move the emitter. Yeah, I’m going to give the squash & Zukes plenty of room to grow this year.  Naturally.

  18. Tammy Travis says:

    How Many cantaloupe do you plant around the TP? Is there any reason you dont plant them at a trellis like your watermelon? By the way, I am learning a lot with these videos.

  19. Reaganite71 says:

    I put it in about 3/4 of an inch.

  20. arkansastrash320 says:

    Hi there is one thing i want to tell you about using pvc for watering.You mite filter the clorine but i know for a fact that all the glue joints and the pipe being new will make some very nasty tasting water for a long time.I plumed a whole house with all pvc and the people complained for the longest about the water tasting nasty .I said run the water a long while before you drink it.If i were you i would run that for a while cause all the chemical plastic can’t be good for your plants.Paul

  21. Reaganite71 says:

    Good advice.

  22. Reaganite71 says:

    Thanks Larry. The way the economy is going, It’s good insurance.

  23. Reaganite71 says:

    Keeps the grass from growing up into the root growth area and it encourages worms. By the time the grass is killed off, it will decay from the worms 🙂

  24. Mr10Percenter says:

    Why do you put cardboard at the bottom of your bed?

  25. Reaganite71 says:

    Thank you!

  26. Reaganite71 says:

    I’m in 7b also. In an earlier episode I indicated that I would disconnect and blow the lines down with an air compressor so that water in the lines and freezing wouldn’t be an issue.

  27. David McNally says:

    Learned a lot. Thanks. I hadn’t considered the weed guard. I am now. We bought a cheap drip irrigation system from Lowe’s online. Mine will not be as slick as yours, but I think I learned a lot watching how you did yours, so I really appreciate it. Thank you sir!

  28. Reaganite71 says:

    I like to mix in the rock dust though and the cattle pond dirt had a bit of clay in it, so I think it’s good to mix in the compost with the mini tiller. It only takes a few minutes for this first year bed. In season to come I may just do that though, so as not to disturb the benefical worms doing their dandy thing 😉

  29. Reaganite71 says:

    You know, I’ve already put them together and Reaganite Sr. brought some more dirt & compost for them. I think what I’ll do instead is grow more food to give to friends and family. In addition to the tons of plants already under my grow lights, my wife has a lot seeds she wants to direct sow, so we’ll do that too. I love your attitude Louise!!

  30. xMyJadedHeartx says:

    How far does the tubing and PVC pipe insert into the T and 90 degree connectors?

  31. Reaganite71 says:

    I’m glad it could be of help to you. Thank you for watching.

  32. Reaganite71 says:

    Thanks Rick. It’s going to be worth the effort for seasons to come 😉

  33. tracilynm says:

    Since u don’t step on the beds and compact them, u don’t need to till it in. Just let ur layers build up. U r basically doing “lasagna” gardening in a contained space

  34. Reaganite71 says:

    Yeah, I used soaker hose for the first part of last year and it stunk. The pressure would be gone by the end of the run. This is going to be much better. 😉