Are black marijuana seeds the best for growing?

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Marijuana Growing
Jamie B asked:

if not, which 1s are? What do they look like? and how can one make sure the seeds theyre getting are good?

4 comments on “Are black marijuana seeds the best for growing?

  1. Aunt Stefani on

    some people think darker seeds are better but that just signifies that the seeds are from a mature bud. You can’t make sure your seeds are good unless you smoked the green they came from. If it’s good, and the seeds are mature then it should be good. Why don’t you start seeds that are from several different kinds of pot, then you should have a good outcome. Btw, I am assuming you live somewhere that growing mowie is legal, cuz if u don’t then u shouldn’t grow any weed.

  2. Raymond J on

    The best marijuana seeds you can get are feminized. Most seeds you are gonna get are gonna be greenish to brownish. Black ones would not be optimal, but seeds are hardy little buggers and most likely will produce. Since most people grow sinsemilla (without seeds) you are probably gonna have to get your seeds via a trusted seed bank. Here is a good guide to marijuana seeds and strains and how much they should cost at a reputable dealer.

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