Across International Vac Oven Flipping Our Shatter HD

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March 31, 2015
Accidents Happen!
March 31, 2015

Sr. Fumo and I flip a slab of shatter! Like my page on Facebook: ➜ https:// Follow me on Twitter: ➜ Follow me on Instagram…


  1. EDDIN125 says:

    About how much Shatter is that and how much material did you used to get
    that amount of Shatter?

  2. haloluver123 says:

    the biggest one you have ever made

  3. Uslion says:

    eeeeaaaaaa…GRACIAS sr fumo por la traduccion

  4. jerome pruvot says:

    it’s time to supercharge remo !!!! now !!!!

  5. Max Mustermann says:

    Whats the point of using vacuum?

  6. haloluver123 says:

    remo please make another supercharge video

  7. Ras Tafari says:

    And now for the Ojibway translation

  8. Ener Cash says:

    Should of titled this vid flipping pizzas lol

  9. urbanremo says:
  10. Kickn Asses says:


  11. a Jedi says:

    why is half this video in spanish.. i dont get it..