74 Day Old Indica – Hermi Removed from Grow Closet

Family Tree Care Center Co Op 2753 Bechelli Lane Redding CA 96002
September 30, 2011
Marijuana Step by Step Grow Room setup to harvest!! Awesome Video!!
September 30, 2011

74 Day Old Indica - Hermi Removed from Grow ClosetThanks for helping me identify the hermi. It’s now out on my balcony with it’s balls removed lol, who knows if it will even survive (not much light out there – that’s why I’m growing inside). The female has been transplanted into a larger 5 gallon pot and now has all of the light, air circulation, and room to grow. I really hope this plant produces. Such a bummer because the hermi was looking awesome!! Taller, fuller, deeper green, more tops, just looked great… Damn nature, you scary

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  1. LikeTotallyRich says:

    KILL IT. If you don’t kill it he will polinate kms around your house with the wind so people who have plants outside have see their plants being polinated.

    You don’t want to mess with that anyway hermie are bad dude you wont have any good smoke from that.