1140 watts,Getting there,LED grow lights

Ommp “green thumb girl “2
July 21, 2012
1140 watt LED great grow room
July 22, 2012

1140 watts,Getting there,LED grow lightsJust giving you a update,on my 1140 watt LED grow room.


  1. MegaDrCannabis says:

    if anyone needs seeds take a look at green-city-seeds.weebly.com free spping woldwide and i got min so there legit

  2. cavila01 says:

    Looking awesome bro loving the set up

  3. reensmoka says:

    looking healthy m8 awesome ,thanks for showing us keep the good work up! peace out

  4. randydombek says:

    Sunshine panel 45s whorth a shit?

  5. MegaBongs420 says:

    shit site bro look at it..