10k to 7k W Bloom Room, LR5 Light Rail, King Wing, Usio 1000w Double Ended Bulb

Herbin Farmer- High Times Cannabis Cup Denver 2015 ft Scott-Rare Dankness, Happy Daddy, Pro Max Grow
April 26, 2015
Best lights in the business? GAVITA HOLLAND Jair Velleman
April 26, 2015

Current bloom room configuration. Went from 10000 watt set up down to 7000 watt set up. Using the LR5 light rail mover, 6 King Wing hoods, Usio 1000w DE Pro Plus bulbs and digital Noctek…


  1. Dutchman's Medical Marijuana says:
  2. Drew Grow says:

    What strain has given you the bigger yield? I want to grow a Indica or
    hybrid that really produces.

  3. Dutchman's Medical Marijuana says:

    Thanks, Smokin Grower, many hours of Love!

  4. Smokin Grower says:

    Awesome room!!