Ready Set Grow (High Times Marijuana Growing) 1/7

What is the legal penalty for growing marijuana in Massachusetts?
September 13, 2010
what type of lights are ok-good for growing marijuana indoors?
September 13, 2010
BigBudMota asked:

Indoor Marijuana Growing


  1. RyaniPhoneReviews says:

    @GUCCIRAG123 one seed

  2. WoahRunawayJim says:

    can i grow 1 plant with two, 30 watt fluorescent lights?

  3. GUCCIRAG123 says:


  4. annahasier says:

    Good video! As far as the grow lights part of this if you haven’t tried induction grow lights go to the indagro website we bought a single 100 for veg and 2 100 for bud just for our 30 x 30 tent. theres a you tube video as well as pictures on their site. we got screwed over with the supposed high lumen output led lights we’d bought & wanted something that delivered a high par yield without the high cost of hid or putting out the high heat. the same lamp high vel & peaks at 400 & 600 nm peace

  5. mackymcfc says:

    wats de name of de song at start its not ganja farmer by marlon asher

  6. mackymcfc says:

    wats song at very start searchin everywhere….its not ganja farmer by marlon wats de name of de song at start its not ganja farmer by marlon asher

  7. peanuts7854 says:

    BRAVO BRAVO.. *sniff* you belong on the Discovery channel!! 😉

  8. AllForTheGame says:

    For seeds in the U.S go here to “” 2-5 days shipping

  9. AllForTheGame says:

    i have lots of BLUE MYSTIC SEEDS. im in the u.s contact me for some.

  10. Smokey213666 says:

    all this shit and plants grew on their own in 100 B.C.

  11. back2reality07 says:

    haha, this is great! reminds me of something you’d see on the discovery channel. who knows, maybe someday we will. 😛

  12. NWAGF says:

    if you think this way is betta start dd coz you can pay the bill just like that

  13. Beefer413 says:

    Make it easier on yourself and tell me where your plants are and I’ll take care of them when you’re gone!


    Dr. Sticky Bud Sitter AKA. Sticky Fingers!

    Your Secret Is My Secret!

    #1 in specializing to find your gardens by using YouTube!


  14. olddog257 says:

    @dankweedallday it is a terrible imposter, and I am tired of all the other fake imitaions as well, colorado folks know what I am talking about

  15. MrCockSlut says:

    Salvia is not to be fucked with, id say more dangerous than weed

  16. tavonevox16 says:

    Hey,I’m doing an outdoor grow & as you know its already june & the solstice is basicly here,my seeds are still germinating havent even sprouted yet,but my question is,is the solstice the only time my plant will flower–or even without the solstice will it eventualy flower on its own as a natural part of its growth?please help,im not sure my plants will be grown enough by the time the solstice is over.

  17. quashky says:

    In my country people have to go to rehab if they get caught with even a tiny little bit of Mary…

    And you know what happens if they catch someone sleeping drunk on the street multiple times – nothing…

  18. shawzie1916 says:

    @dankweedallday and yet in ireland it was banned for being one…score one for an incompetent government that is clutching at straws to remain a party because everyone hates them!

  19. SlipAllCityToy says:

    btw kasvatan =)

  20. pedarikarhu says:

    Varmasti löytyy tuusulasta useampia kuin yksi myyjä :/

  21. SEXUALTlGER says:

    @steveo9001 Salvia uses nail polish remover so it has added chemicals, something marijuana does not

  22. bubbaflubbas says:

    @xP22Mx wow i live in michigan too and im trying to grow this year too

  23. tcmatt409 says:

    “Plant A Seed or Clone On 420” – imagine everyone planting a clone or tossing seeds on 420 all across the world! Seed Bombs – Random Local Planting – Toss them around town or out of town during a road trip ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on 4/20/2010

  24. xP22Mx says:

    okay, im starting to grow and im just doing a test for the summer. its too cold to grow outside yet here in michigan, but i waana do a small test indoors. i already germinated my seeds and planted in a styrofoam cup full of dirt and watered. under a 20watt lamp it grew about 1in overnight. should this process continue? i only want my plant at 1 foot max. i also have a small fan i could put nearby, do i put it blow onto or away from my plant? and what formula of light do i use?

  25. Woodpipemaker says:

    All you need is a 400 watt for a bad ass grow. 150 watt will do even CFL’s will work.