Marijuana Growing at home. What do you think?

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September 6, 2010
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September 6, 2010
MrCannabusiness asked:

This is of my legally growing plant, I have a cannabis card. I don’t recommend growing to anyone where it is prohibited, but I would be pleased to help my fellow medical users. Let me know what you think!


  1. MrJairsandoval says:

    the nine leaves are indica, i suppose

  2. keithmoc says:

    @TrO419to702 Yea BUt YOu can get an idea if it has more leaves means it has the potential to be female and has the caracteristics to be so..I have 6 – 4 ft tall plants that all show the same things happening and they ended up female,BUt you are right you won’t really know untill they start budding flower hairs..And yea I got rid of all those male plants that have the pollen sacks on them…They are trouble…keithmoc

  3. keithmoc says:

    LOved the video and Mine is doing the same thing of having more leaves than it should? This is normal and You have a female plant and just wait until it bud’s !!!It will be beautiful !!

  4. selfwear says:

    go to party store and get the gift wrapping mylar its 10×10 and comes with 3 sheets only a few bucks nice low key

  5. MrWeedplant says:

    Light it a little close to the plant might want to find a way to move the light higher away from the plant or it might get to hot and burn thats just what i heard.

  6. websurfd5 says:

    You’ve obviously invested a lot of time and money into this endeavor. Why would youchoose to skimp on an element of such importance as light?? CFLs are totally inferior to HPS.

  7. fr00bers says:

    @AiBigballin3 to control humidity prolly

  8. jpa23245 says:

    @TrO419to702 seeds dont form on the male plants, just pollen sacs. They look like seeds tho but you crush them… just pollen. 🙂

  9. AiBigballin3 says:

    whats the reason for the open waterbottles

  10. bugtoy7 says:

    how do you get the card because ive recently been thinking about doing this?

  11. robbiesaj says:

    you can have like 15 leaf plants dont freak out an you should of kept updates

  12. Brndon076 says:

    Be careful bro, my grow op got busted because i wasnt being careful. ONLY CHECK OR WATER THEM WHEN YOUR PARENTS ARNT HOME! trust me, if you get caught by parents you will regret it!

  13. TrO419to702 says:

    n leaves has nothin to do wit sex. period. its all about tha pistols (hairs in tha V of where tha bud n stem meet ya cant miss em.) or tha lil sacks where seeds form when it starts flowering. its not to hard to notice. but leaves has nothin to do wit sex. only thing i can think they would b is for difference of indicas n sativas

  14. TrO419to702 says:

    until u get a female. then u cut off those bottom 3 set of leaves n clone them for constant females of good bud. n if u do happen to keep growin i recommend investin in HPS bulbs (high pressure sodium) they work probably tha best. also pick up High Times Grow Guide 2010 and ull b even more satisfied and take ur growin skills to tha next level

  15. TrO419to702 says:

    what u need to do is foilage feed (sprayin water on tha leaves) it at 12 hours ah dark so tha water doesnt magnify tha light n burn tha leaves on tha 12 on. its like an oxygen bar for tha plant. (obviously they take in CO2 but u get my drift). worm castings is always good 2 bcus it has some added nitrogen to it. n cut off about tha bottom 3 set off leaves bcus they wont get enough light in there to bud like that anyways. n ur smart for only growin one. thats what ur supposed to do

  16. 420chronmasta says:

    Legalize ¤ŤĦĈ¤ ҸշỞ

  17. CarlReuben says:

    9 leaves just means it’s a healthy female. Typical sign of a female are 7-9 leaves bit that does not guarantee it will say female it can change in the budding cycle . You are underpowered there though. And whoever said a plant can’t be both male and female is a retard. It’s called a hermaphrodite. It can pollenate itself and ruin the harvest. Stupid rookies!

  18. erichalseyyy says:

    you need to cut the dead levs off and i have no clue on a nine levs plant i have one growing its about a foot long and looks good keep up the good grow

  19. nehmzow420 says:

    First thing you should know is get that foil out of there and never use it again. You’re lucky you’re so underpowered with the lights or your plant would be burnt, foil causes horrible hot spots due to the way it wrinkles up everywhere. Other than more lights and taking the foil down it’s a good job for a beginer, keep it up

  20. marcjtdc says:

    little late but – try a foliar spray to get those leaves a darker green. also you need 3-4 times as much light.

  21. 420grower420 says:

    pretty nice and bushy!

  22. masoneagle69 says:

    that’s basically what I’m doing except I turned the closet into a “nursery” and I’m in the process of germintating new seeds, the seeds came from an early cut/harvested dank plant so wish me luck!

  23. ohiorainbow says:

    have u sexed the plant yet . i c its big but is it a girl or boy?

  24. Brandon27211 says:

    @MrCannabusiness drugs = bad for you 😛

  25. timcrow420 says:

    props to you man, im using a whole closet and its been slow alot slower, what are you gonna do when the plant keeps growing during flowering and rubs the lights?