Indoor Marijuana Closet Grow Op. Update – 10-15-10

what do you think about lrgalizing all drugs?
September 14, 2010
how long do you go to jail for growing marijuana?
September 14, 2010
growingclosets asked:

Visit: for more information… Just a quick update to show the progress of the grow and answer a few questions… Where I Buy Seeds… http


  1. MegaHayhayhayhay says:

    @growingclosets i’ll give you 50 buks!!! now gimmy

  2. MegaHayhayhayhay says:

    @growingclosets how did you not get bugs?

  3. growingclosets says:

    @MegaHayhayhayhay no bugs.. just a low PH and nutrient build up in the rockwool.. I needed to flush them with water once in awhile to flush out the extra nutrients…

  4. MegaHayhayhayhay says:

    did you have a bug attack???? if so wtf did you do about it?

  5. Byakuyasamamark205 says:

    @growingclosets lol I see

  6. growingclosets says:

    @Byakuyasamamark205 the value of anything is only as much as someone is willing to pay… =)

  7. growingclosets says:

    @Clemtown44 watch my video on TOPPING…. I usually top TWICE which will give you FOUR TOPS and not just one… twice is all they can handle in this grow or the tops get too heavy…

  8. growingclosets says:

    @Pleiadese I don’t use any enhancers.. I found I really don’t need them in these cabinets.. I don’t use any CO2 and I use TAP WATER… No matter what people say… there is enough CO2 in the air for any plant… as long as the air is fresh… I have two fans moving 140 cubic feet of air per minute.. and the cabinets are only 38 cubic feet a piece.. so plenty of fresh air means no CO2 needed… I did try it at first but cut it out because it wasn’t needed in such a small grow.

  9. growingclosets says:

    @budgetguy this is about my 8th grow in these cabinets… I used to cut all the lower stuff off but it didn’t really “help” anything.. I grind all that stuff and make hash.

  10. budgetguy says:

    @growingclosets what grow is this for you? example, your 1st? cause it seems like you got it down,”thumbs up” But what about the lower foliage/buds it doesn’t get any light? care to shed any? =)

    my guess is concentrate the plants energy on the main cola.(s) idk, just a guess. thnx

  11. Pleiadese says:

    hey man, the girls showin some nice bush, would like to get a sniff of that bush…:P. Wanted your opinion on supplements such as big bud, root enhancers…etc. have not heard you make mention any of them during this grow. Also do you spray carbonated water on your plants for the CO2, and thirdly do you use distilled water or tap water. Thx for the input.

  12. Clemtown44 says:

    @MrJeepin420style how many times do you top to make it look like his lol

  13. growingclosets says:

    @BoxingPride =)

  14. BoxingPride says:

    I fucking hate you man!

  15. MrJeepin420style says:

    @Clemtown44 fimming (cutting the tops in veg cycle) makes two tops instead of one

  16. Byakuyasamamark205 says:

    @growingclosets Thank you! 🙂 I highly support weed. lol I support it mainly because it helps my father whom has glaucoma and suffers from depression.

  17. growingclosets says:

    @Byakuyasamamark205 use Rockwool for soil the entire grow… if they are big enough for bigger pots… put more rockwool in and transplant… see one of my earlier videos “Transplanting the Seedlings”

  18. Byakuyasamamark205 says:

    Also, what proper soils to use? I know you mentioned rockwool to me the last time. but after they have sprouted and get about… eh 4-5 inches tall, then what? I must know. o.o

  19. Byakuyasamamark205 says:

    So, I wonder what the value of that is all worth? lol

  20. stinkmonkeyballs says:

    Hey bro,nice work,just wondering what do you think is the best fluoro to use for seedlings,clones and mothers?

  21. growingclosets says:

    @hahnda1 == Yep that is what I do… that was actually going to be my next video… flushing with water…

  22. growingclosets says:

    @MNboardride420 == The legal limit… =)

  23. hahnda1 says:

    i hope you do a nutrient flush for the last 2-3 weeks before harvest. looks like a bit of nutrient burn on the leaves. Let the plants use up the last of their stored nutrients by just using pH buffered water. This makes for a nice clean burning product with no chemical taste.

  24. MNboardride420 says:

    Hey man, what kind of yeild are you expecting once all is said and done?

  25. airsoftmasters says:

    @growingclosets what brand of seeds do you recommend? or what brand of seeds were those plants from you just showed?