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Roseville P.D. CopBlockRoseville P.D. harassing a young man waiting for the bus.

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  1. ArrestAJudgeKit on

    “what type of help you looking for? I can do my best to help out” Paul needs help with keeping his word, doesn’t he? Can you help with him with not making promises to help & keeping his promises to help? Can you teach Paul to have some guts? I think that Paul might be a gutless wonder after his bad encouters with cops, don’t I?

  2. angryamerican on

    That cop was being a passive aggressive jack ass by volunteering you to drive him.

    He then back tracked and tried to act like a nice guy.

  3. aries32169 on

    Ok, I’ll answer your questions. He may have been waiting for a bus, but since it was well past any time a bus was running he would’ve been waiting a long time and the cop knew this. What PC did he have? It’s called checking on the welfare of a person out in very cold weather, at a bus stop long after the bus has stopped running. By the time the bus would’ve come this kid would’ve had frostbite if not worse. All you guys want is to put cops in bad light. Yes, this cop was doing his job!!!!

  4. MrJjones2131 on

    Nothing wrong with asking for ID…so long as if the person you ask denies you, you do not harass them about it. In Nazi Germany you would simply be shot for denying ID. There is a massive difference.

  5. 2Truth4Liberty on

    I also think we should have positive call floods.

    But, it’s a shame that we have to think that now.
    because that means the need to negative call floods has grown way too big.

  6. William Beard on


    What an excellent cop!!! He really knows the meaning of “protect and serve”! If there were even 5% more cops like this, I would be so much happier with the police in general. Sites like this would no longer be necessary! I will call in the morning to commend this officers performance!!!!!

    I think we should have positive call floods too!

  7. aries32169 on

    And no one believes anything that comes out of your mouth period since you can’t answer very simple questions and try your best to try and belittle anyone who comes at ya. So what we have here is someone who is nothing but a Troll/internet tough guy wanna-be. You wouldn’t last one second on the streets so I can see why you hide behind a computer throwing insults through cyber. Because if you threw them out in real life you would be put in the hospital.

  8. aries32169 on

    So other than spewing a bunch of BS, what experience do even have in law? What education do you have other than reading the Bill of Rights? Have you been reading Supreme Court judgements and do even comprehend what those judgements even mean? Because from all the posts that you have made just under this video shows that you are very immature and truly do not know what you are speaking of.

  9. aries32169 on

    Answer my questions and your’s will get answered. But it’s typical that people like you can’t answer the questions. You’re nothing, you’re a flea on the scrotum of society. Since you are unable to answer questions you don’t deserve the time of day. Until you can answer questions like an adult, then and only then will your questions be answered.

  10. aries32169 on

    Oh, and anyone can open up an book and quote anything. How about applying it as it has been judged by the U.S. Supreme Court. Or how about actually doing the job a cop does? I’m sure that you couldn’t handle that job so you better stick with flipping burgers and dropping fries. Since you have yet to answer any questions about your knowledge and experience.

  11. ArrestAJudgeKit on

    “proactive police work” You mean passive-aggressive behavior which translates into the cops having rights and the kid doesn’t, don’t you?

  12. Charlie Rode on

    Yes, clearly take what I said out of context to make yourself feel superior. I didnt say that 3 cruisers was ok, I said the way the officers spoke with the man and the conversation with drewks was respectful. No there was no need to ask where he lived, for his ID, or anything like that, but they werent nasty about it. That was my point in which u decided because youre bored or somethin to try & start an argument over, which I see is what u are doin in other posts.. makes u feel special eh?

  13. aries32169 on

    Truly you know nothing about law enforcement/probably cause/reasonable suspicion/check the welfare, etc. Someone who is out at this time of night, at a bus stop when the bus’ are not running, on a very cold night with possibly below zero temps. If you watch the video after the cop was done with checking him out he did offer a ride and informed him the bus’ aren’t running. Any cop who comes across someone late at night with check them out. It’s policing 101.

  14. MrJjones2131 on

    The drewks…you are a fucking idiot. It was a cold night, the officer was trying to get a handle on the guys situation and then offered him a ride to a place where he could have some shelter for the night and you say he is harassing him??? Both of those cops were friendly and professional ….what more can you ask? you lousy piece of shit

  15. Jordan Zachman on

    there was nothing wrong with this video, this guy is trying to find something wrong with the cops and this was a fail.

  16. friamin on

    The problem is why did he ask for the kids identification in the first place. Did he commit a crime? Did he do anything suspicious? The answer is no. This is not Nazi Germany. The fact that the officers were cordial means absolutely nothing.

  17. Paul Leason on

    Great work man. Would you like to join me and help run Minnesota Cop Block? I do not have a lot of extra time to go out myself but do like to data collect and help educate others. You do great work and thank you!

  18. angryamerican on

    “You can video tape him, and ask him his name, YOU might as well give him a ride.” The cops get paid to PROTECT AND SERVE.

    I guess giving a citizen a ride would take him away from his revenue generation for his masters.

    Fuck You “Officer Steinberg Badge Number 203”. You are a jack ass.

  19. aries32169 on

    Ooo…I can look that info up on the internet. What is your education? What is your experience in law/law enforcement? Myself, I have a masters from Univ. of St. Thomas, have been the field of law for 20 yrs. Now, how is it suspicious? It’s after the bus’ have stopped running which is well past 1 am. It’s freezing out. So any reasonable person would not be out at this time of night. How do you know that they didn’t get called there by a passer-by? So before you start spewing BS, get your facts.

  20. aries32169 on

    Yup, your videos show you and little man who is trying to be a big boy in a big mans world. I see someone who was bullied as kid and is continuing to be bullied, so he has to make videos. You wouldn’t last one day in the shoes an any cop. You probably still live in your mommy’s basement. But I’m grow bored in dealing with someone trying to be bigger than he is. I know what I’ve done and still do to this day and so do many other people. Good luck in growing up and growing a pair. I tire of you…

  21. Charlie Rode on

    I agree, it doesn’t cost anyone any $. Just some time and kind words and just like all of us who are at our job and aren’t living like a rock star would just love to hear “good job” once and a while just for a morale boost and knowing you’re actually appreciated.. cops are still people, I’m willing to bet they wouldn’t mind hearing that once and a while from the people they swore to protect and serve

  22. southernBIGbulletfan on

    You are a fucking idiot. You can get there name and badge number but u think it’s ok for u not to give them yours!? The cop was checking on the kid. Go to hell drewks

  23. aries32169 on

    So why don’t you answer the question. What’s your education and background? I’ve laid mine out there so instead of just spew BS out of the orifice that you call a mouth, just answer those simple questions. What is you education, experience within the law? I’m going to bet that it’s just you reading some books. But I’ll also bet that you can not put yourself out there and do the job of a cop. Because not many can.

  24. TheDrewks on

    I plan on calling Monday to atleast let the LEO know that the kid got to where he needed to go safe.

  25. aries32169 on

    Well dude, I am 44 yrs old, graduated H.S. in 1987, was in the military from 88-96 (active/reserves) and have been in the law related fields since I was 24. I received by Masters in 2002 while working full-time. So dude, get your shit together and as I have stated, get your facts before you start spewing BS from that orifice you call a mouth. Now why don’t you answer the questions that have been asked of you, as you put it you POS!!!

  26. TheDrewks on

    I’m sure the kid doesn’t want his life story out on the web for everyone to hear…

  27. OpEnYoUrEyEs202 on

    People must know what Cop Blocking is and what Cop is about. Cop is not about getting officers response negative on video. It’s main goal is to educate others. Please go to for more info and find you’re local group.

  28. Charlie Rode on

    Obviously you’re just here to talk shit because it makes you feel tough and/or special on the interwebz. Now proceed to puff out your chest like you’re king kong.

  29. William Beard on

    Look man the kid obviously has mental problems… you don’t know what he was doing before the tape was cut…..I HATE cope more than anyone but in this case I think the cop did a good thing by checking the welfare of the kid…getting the ID is something he is trained to always do in any interaction regardless of intent…..Bottom line is: The buses were NOT many hours would that kid have been standing there? How many hours had he *already* been standing there in -10 temperatures?

  30. golfpro441 on

    Tell me how he violated his rights? He checked on him at 3:00 AM as he was sitting at a bus stop (not running) and offered him a ride. If anyone violated his rights it was TheDrewks who felt the need to run up and film the incident. I hope TheDrewks never needs to call 911 for a emergency as they might violate his rights lol. #free speech

  31. aries32169 on

    Look dude…Are a fucking idiot. Let’s look at the time it is and how cold it is and this kid was out there standing in this weather. This cop knew there were no buses running so they got out to investigate what was going on. This cop was doing his job and you were interfering with these guys doing their job. I just really don’t know what more to say about you and people like you. You’re fucking idiots.

  32. TheDrewks on

    Just imagine ordering food like that…. I’d like a Big Mac, wouldn’t I? And a small fry, don’t I? And a Coke, am I right?

  33. ArrestAJudgeKit on

    Masters huh? What years did you attend? Where did you do your undergraduate? What years? How much did tuition cost you for undergraduate & graduate school, huh? Name the types of loans you took out for your education, okay? Being a tourist is suspicious, huh? I guess that will destroy Minnesota’s tourist economy when that get out, huh? Got any more nonsense to spew?

  34. Charlie Rode on

    I would, wouldn’t I what?

    I don’t think they were passive aggressive in anyway…

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