Pokémon Sapphire: Nintendo e-Reader and EON Ticket: Part 2 of 3

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October 1, 2010
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October 2, 2010
ranberth asked:

Yo people! This is part 2 as you can see. The previous video showed how to use the Nintendo e-Reader and the e-Card: EON Ticket for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. With the EON Ticket you can visit the secret island: Southern Island. That’s where Latios and Latias live. Depending which version of the games you have, Ruby or Sapphire, you will find one of them there. In Pokemon Ruby you will find a wild Latios, level 40 roaming in the Hoenn region and on the Southern Island awaits you a level 50 Latias holding the Soul Dew. While in Pokemon Sapphire, the other one Latias is roaming in the Hoenn region at level 40 and the missing one, Latios, at Southern Island, level 50 holding the Soul Dew. If you received the EON Ticket from the e-Card EON Ticket, you can mix records with a friend that has Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and/or Emerald to give them the ticket as well. Pokemon Emerald cannot obtain the EON Ticket with the e-Reader so, you would need to mix records with a friend with Ruby or Sapphire and that friend must have obtained the EON Ticket with the e-Card EON Ticket as well. You can re-distribute the EON Ticket only with Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire and of course the EON Ticket e-Card, as much as you want. The ticket cannot be re-distributed with Pokemon Emerald. Feel free to comment and rate this video and don’t forget to add this video in your favorites. For the part 1 of this video: www.youtube.com Enjoy!


  1. Renesme94 says:

    Hey in my POKeMON EMERALD the RECORD CORNER option is not there what’s wrong what should I do. Reply quick PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OwGundamBitMe says:

    Do u use wireless adapter or just the cable thing?

  3. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    you rdy to trade ? also what do you want?

  4. ranberth says:

    I really prefer to trade tomorrow =[. Sorry =[. Have a nice day, going to bed now.

  5. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    i can make it quick lol

  6. ranberth says:

    Yea, also the TRU Dragonite, but I cannot trade right now. =[ About to go to bed.

  7. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    so is it for trade?

  8. ranberth says:

    I have and this year I will receive Pokemon Ranger 3 Deoxys myself too hopefully, the Japanese one.

  9. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    D: what about gamestp deoxys ?
    sry for all the comments

  10. ranberth says:

    Right now I don’t have one for trade. I will let you know. =].

  11. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    o yea i forgot to ask you do you have a TRU dragonite for trade?

  12. ranberth says:

    You’re welcome. I’m really sorry I couldn’t help you =[.

  13. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    kk thnx for the info than

  14. ranberth says:

    That’s good then cause that means you checked the TV. I really don’t know what is wrong then =[.

    If your friend used GameShark or ActionReplay to give you the EON Ticket, that won’t work.

  15. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    i know that but i havent seen him in the wild that i remimber cuz he is still flying round hoenn

  16. ranberth says:

    Cause after you beat the Pokemon League, the tv in your house will tell you about a Blue Pokemon flying in Hoenn region for Ruby and Latias in Sapphire. But on the island you will find the other one for your game.

  17. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    not that i remimber why?

  18. ranberth says:

    That’s very odd, it should work instantly. Did you find Latios already in Ruby?

  19. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    yes and he used the e-reader so i dont know what happined

  20. ranberth says:

    Oh, I see, that’s odd then, it should work. Did you beat the Pokemon League already?

  21. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    mixed records

  22. ranberth says:

    Oh, how did your friend give it to you? You don’t need any specific Pokemon in your party to visit the Southern Island.

  23. Chickenchaser2142 says:

    i have the eon ticket i got from a freind in ruby but whenever i go to the place in lilycove city she just says the normle places what do i do? do i need latios in my party?

  24. ranberth says:

    What the Soul Dew does is increase the Sp.Atk on Latios or Latias. It’s only meant to be use on either Latios or Latias.

  25. PieToPollur says:

    What does the item do on latose?