NO. 2 apartment tenant busts out kids for peeping peoples cars for a later hour raid.


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NO. 2 apartment tenant busts out kids for peeping peoples cars for a later hour raid.The CORRECT vid “No. 2”: Neighbhood children reak havoc on a small wisconsin town window shopping in vehicles. Three tenants notice this and one has the came…

25 comments on “NO. 2 apartment tenant busts out kids for peeping peoples cars for a later hour raid.

  1. Bradley Peil on

    yes. granted that was 2 neighborhoods ago i’m´╗┐ still on watch. ­čÖé have a great day craig!

  2. MagicCadillac on

    That sucks that those kids looking around the cars in your area, good that you got them on video now, I hope they got busted for that, it is not cool for them´╗┐ to do that. Take care Brad, hope everything is alright with you and family.

  3. boardingpass04 on

    you look like a crack head pussy´╗┐ that cant fight your own way off the glass dick want some advice dont breed

  4. McFUK3R on

    BUSTED!!!… Well done, keepin an eye on ur Hood!!!
    I woulda smashed the fuk outa them but every1’s diff i spose, i don’t expect that every1 else should do the same.
    They had NO paper work, so they were NOT working or recording ANY mileage on´╗┐ ANY cars… that waz so obvious BS!!!
    Just don’t do a Zimmerman & kill any1 bro lmao ;)))

  5. paperweightgirl on

    People should not leave anything valuable visible in their cars. This way, robbers have nothing´╗┐ to take.

  6. Bradley Peil on

    Thanks for watchin man, I like alot of your vids and can stomach alot when comes to severe humor as i like to call it. Just gotta wait for´╗┐ the kids to be sleep to watch.

  7. atlcon on

    What the hell is a faceplate? ´╗┐ LMAO Last time I checked my mileage was by the steering wheel not the bumper….

  8. Bradley Peil on

    it was after this day that i kept an hdcam in my pocket. haven’t´╗┐ had anything too interesting since to film but i’m prepared. i should have some new stuff coming soon when i start the new channel. not sure yet.

  9. boardingpass04 on

    Cause your hair looking crazy is really gonna´╗┐ do something those kids would prolly kick your ass

  10. Bradley Peil on

    yeah, granted this was 3+ years ago i got my guard up and´╗┐ these kids were dumb with 2 other tenants out there. this was 2 addresses ago lol. miss talkin to ya i’ll be around your summer here lol

  11. Sam Lucia on

    face plate:´╗┐ they are trying to steal the stereos out of the car. some stereos have removable face plates

  12. 500passwords on

    good job buddy , makes me mad just watching it .
    lazy punks need to get a job and there ass´╗┐ kicked.

  13. StabbedlnTheKunt6I6 on

    Lol! Yeah the teachers said to stare into´╗┐ peoples car windows for a science project. Lol!

  14. Bradley Peil on

    no idea man… no idea. hopefully when the po po caught up with them after me showing the cops´╗┐ the vid they changed their direction.

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