Interaction with Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department part 2

How to grow marijuana in this small limited space?
September 20, 2010
How to not get caught growing marijuana in your home?
September 20, 2010
ItsCoreyLynxxYall asked:

Part 2 of my story.


  1. rediband says:

    I’ve been hunting around for the video, but no success so far, it was several months ago. It was a lawyer giving a lecture about police questioning. To sum it up, he advised to never, ever, answer questions from the police, as any information you give can only be used against you. In the video, they brought an police examiner in, and he agreed. The police will use many methods to intimidate you to speak, but in actuality they do not have the legal authority, only a judge does.

  2. oversold1 says:

    Ok,I am just cutting up.Anyway,good job of taking up for yourself.

  3. ItsCoreyLynxxYall says:

    There wasn’t any porn, just a magazine that tells about gay events and clubs.

  4. oversold1 says:

    damn.Lube,gay porn,condoms,it a gay Bonanza.LMAO:)