Don’t Assume You Know How Retta Rolls – CONAN on TBS

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April 10, 2013
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April 11, 2013

Don't Assume You Know How Retta Rolls - CONAN on TBSCONAN Highlight: When you hear the bass line bumpin’ in Retta’s car, it just might be Puccini. More CONAN @


  1. DasDovian says:

    thanks 🙂 i thought it sounded familiar

  2. Courtney Llaban says:

    Chhhhh calm yourself. I’m sure it was as hilarious as it was then, as it is now.

  3. Gmruleme says:


  4. IGNXIII says:

    They were saying that generally. 

  5. ITSergioFelix says:

    I literally had goosebumps from listening to this haha wtf!

  6. Kasper Lago Christensen says:

    How the hell was this thumped down like that? Isn’t figuratively the correct word to use?

  7. Andrew Headspeath says:


  8. beaustep19 says:


  9. Sarah Grimes says:

    I know. “Literally” is a reference joke from Parks and Rec. You should watch it!

  10. Madvillane says:

    Damn, she has some pipes.

  11. kehaarable says:

    The irony being that she’s making a judgement of the older lady… she didn’t really know what she was thinking.

  12. ImENVIOUSDATA says:


  13. CityOfDaughters says:

    That she could use some new material.

  14. estrob97 says:


  15. TumblingTortoises says:

    Maybe the lady was looking annoyed because ANY deafening bass coming from a car is obnoxious? Doesn’t matter the genre.

  16. Cindjor says:

    oh damn. NOT TEN YEARS AGO. THAT’S LIKE A WHOLE DECADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Savontae Diggs says:

    That’s right! I prefer Poulenc’s Gloria but this was one of my favorite movements from it.

  18. ScarletxCrimson says:

    Yeah yeah, maybe the lady wasn’t thinking about rap, maybe she just didn’t like the bass, maybe Retta’s overexaggerating. Or maybe it’s just a joke and this is a talk-show and she’s a comedienne idk.

  19. JennieLane4U says:


  20. MariposaRedimida says:

    Oh, go to sleep.

  21. ZeeNavi says:

    Classy and hilarious.

    My kinda woman.

  22. Anita Manbadly says:

    Laudamus Te is my favorite Puccini! Well, second favorite. OK, first favorite Puccini with real words.

  23. Spendifera says:

    Everytime I see a youtube link now I’m like “OH GOD NO WHY?!?!?!?”

  24. Farce Majeure says:

    That may be the prettiest thing I’ve ever heard end with “bitch”

  25. ellociara says:

    I wish she was my sister or cousin or something. She’s awesome!

  26. TheRealZyconis says:

    Calm down, Aziz!

  27. Sawyer Coe says:


  28. two2birds says:

    I don’t understand why someone people are so butt hurt, trying to pick apart her story. The larger message is don’t judge a book by it’s cover. End of story.

  29. jojo0827 says:

    NO. STOP. WE AGREED NOT TO DO THIS DUMB SHIT. WE ARE NOT 9GAG. Making me break out the caps lock. shit.

  30. YeahThatsJustMe says:

    Bitch. XD

  31. CityOfDaughters says:

    Stumbled across this on Imgur. I just want to call her out for using the same joke she told literally TEN YEARS ago on a Comedy Central half-hour special.

  32. abnormalxbliss says:

    She probably didn’t hear what that lady was saying, but she probably assumed off her reaction & may have even read her lips as to what she was saying.

  33. SockMonkey007 says:

    How can the lady in the car only hear the base but Retta can hear what she’s saying?

  34. sirpipthegreat says:


  35. SailorM4ev says:

    As someone who remembers watching that special, I can confirm that it is just as amusing. And the way she belts out those notes is still incredible!

  36. choirsinger123 says:

    Ah, so sad the general public thinks this is opera! Vivaldi’s Gloria is a lovely sacred choral work, in my opinion far removed from opera . Funny bit though.

  37. Sarah Gayle says:

    The best I can give you is a Jose.

  38. edwinshap1 says:

    98.3 Classical KUSC!!!

  39. WickedProductions100 says:

    This is Laudamus Te from Vivaldi’s “Gloria” mass. We performed this at my university. She’s a good singer!

  40. Adam Worth says:

    That’s not Puccini dumb assess… It is from Vivaldi’s Gloria

  41. supbrahmn says:

    shhh giraffe.

  42. WhiteNinja864 says:

    Well here comes people from imgur.. Fantastic

  43. ihopehelovesme says:

    It was a good joke then and it’s a good joke now, imgur comrade.

  44. liamsmom82 says:

    So? What’s your point?

  45. AshesoftheEmpire says:

    If she was blasting classical music with her windows up, how did she know the woman in the car next to her was complaining about rap music?

  46. MaxsSuperMommy says:

    “Fine leatha’ goods.”

  47. futrchampion101 says:

    How… How big is this giraffe? Is there a banana for scale?

  48. spirit29 says:

    how could she hear what the other woman said if she the windows were closed while she was listening to music in her car???

  49. Kevin Sairoredjo says:

    Imgur …