Brunswick drug busts


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Brunswick drug bustsBrunswick drug busts.

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  1. Firstnun ya Lastbizzness on

    yea well i fucked up after like a year and half.. i failed like 2piss test got introuble for driving undersuspention 3 times but i never reported any of the driving things. i went to court becuase i got caught up in shit ,went to jail for like little over 2weeks to wait on my pv hearing, and i thought forsure i was getting 6months becuase they said i had 180 days x2 over my head. well medina keeps the jails over crowded to the point people sleep on cots

  2. Firstnun ya Lastbizzness on

    while i was in there they were working on there swat team tactics. its funny there all like bigger guys like 6.3 250 300 lbs who think there so tough. just like alot of the guards in county. like big johnson or fuller,defranco. they think there tough balls, they dont really talk to people that have over 5years over there head becuase they know they will get swung on in a heart beat. there just pussys, they dont talk that way on the outs i promise you that. also b.i.g dont spell bad

  3. Firstnun ya Lastbizzness on

    dude name SHANE CAMRON lives on the courner of sleepyhollow and samual, its at the top of the hill by plumbcreek,anywayy wore a wire on me for a gram of bud 2ce. they invstagted me for a year ,had photos of me driving and stuff like that. i got 5years paper 90days house arrest, (sam) program, i had to pay so much in fines. alll over 2grams of bud

  4. Firstnun ya Lastbizzness on

    ahahaha yea dude i remeber him (((littttlllle lightiiiiiing))) ahahah he tazed a old lady at the gas station , he works 3rd shiFT. his name is DEMCO HES LIKE 5.6 140 blad head ,walks like he is mr officer of the year lol. miss hamlin is kinda cool. miss morris is a cocky dike. or noriiss who is like 23 looks like hes 14 ahahah call him snowball aahaha or sweet cheeks, people whistle at him and things ahahhaaha ((nooorriiiiiiiiiss ssphwweett sweeeewww))

  5. Firstnun ya Lastbizzness on

    pt2. so i was in there until early sept to mid dec, what im saying is after they arrested me for the court thing (pv) they made me sit in county for 2 weeks before they gave me my pv court date hearing. (witch was next day along with 10 other people) they offfered me a deal (90 days amd termanate probation) or do 15 days and do another year.. i took the 90days. probation in medina county is bullshit,its got like a 85% percent failer rate. i was ready to do 6months lol fuck probation

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