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2012 MENDOCINO GRANDADDY PURPLE INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWLast few days of some daaaank purple meds, enjoy.


  1. codyck1 on

    from a rooted clone I veg in a 1 gal container for 2 weeks, then transplant to a 7 gallon container & veg for another 2.5 weeks, then flip the switch to 12/12. I top each plant 1 time 5 days after transplanting to the 7 gal container. Yes, Indica dominant strains tend to grow slower than sativa dominat strains during veg, and only stretch 1.5 – double size after flipping the switch, as opposed to sativa dom strains which can triple or even quadruple in size post flip.

  2. meze maccalman on

    i like your style man pick a good strain and dial that shit in.,… how long do you veg these monsters?? i recently acquired a cut of this and it seems to veg slower then shit is this normal?

  3. codyck1 on

    I did use bloombastic, but never noticed much of a difference in trichome production and yield was not as significant so I went back 2 my original recipe. I use sunshine mix #4 as it provides excellent aeration & drainage as well as black gold coco blend w/ the fox farms soils…never to proud to switch things up if necessary, never get stagnant in growing, I luv to learn new techniques & if it works I always share my discoveries….

  4. codyck1 on

    you don’t like Lee Ving? Im a product of the 80’s, grew up on punk rock cant get it out of me. maybe you should pray for me?

  5. dogma478 on

    @codyck1 4 years, must be a really good strain. Looks bomb. Glad growers aren’t like some cooks with there recipes.

  6. codyck1 on

    liquid kool bloom is a flower bulking nute, the powder kool bloom is a ripening nute used in late flower last 2-3 weeks. I use about 2 ml/gal of the mollases, you can use up to 5ml. gal but u dont need to use that much.

  7. codyck1 on

    an original Ken Estes cut of GDP that Ive been growing straight for 4 years now. Soil mix, (2) Happy Frog, (1) Ocean Forest, (1) Black Gold coco blend, (1) Sunshine Mix #4. GH grow, micro, bloom w/ additives consisting of liquid kool bloom, botanicare sweet,Open Sesame 1st 2.5 weeks of flower them 2.5 weeks of beasite bloomz, then 1.5 weeks of powder kool bloom, then 2 week unsulphured black strap mollases flush

  8. SuperDoctorgreen on

    Hella Nice Buds Brother…. Sweet Purple Dreams…. Some Dank Shit that GDP is…. Keep it Green. Peace Out. . . > > > SDG

  9. jonhigh7 on

    Hey bro what’s up with some genetics?? I love gdp its really good for my anxiety hit me up bro!!!

  10. moosemanty on

    pray for you? na, it looks like you are doing just fine without the prayers. but to each their own on music; that’s the beauty of it. we all have our own taste in music, food, and cars, but we all love the same plant.

  11. williams jerry on

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