Tips? – Outdoor marijuana growing?


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outdoor marijuana

Well this is my first time growing, just wana make some cash. I got some seeds off a mate and germinated the first lot, then about the time that lot started showing leaves I planted the second lot (in much better soil and took more care) but didnt bother to germinate the second lot as the folks were home. They are planted in the bush up the road from my house, check out the video and then give me some tips please? theres more questions in the description of the video.

3 comments on “Tips? – Outdoor marijuana growing?

  1. tgbcwiederda on

    None, only stupid people start with something like this

    Reason why not:
    It is not worth the effort, the jail sentence, the money fine, and the entrance on your record.

  2. crazyharryoxymoron on

    Um, you’ve got a lot of research ahead of you, I could answer most of your questions, but that would require a really long post. Do your homework, and then, probably still don’t do it, it’s a very risky business, and unless you have a very good spot, the chance of discovery is fairly high.

  3. galaxiexl on

    The only time I tried that,the rabbits ate em’ down to the ground.How many cops do you figure have watched your video by now?

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