What are the effects of these drugs: cocaine, marijuana, ectasy, and meth?

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September 10, 2010
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September 10, 2010
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=] asked:

what are the effects of cocaine, marijuana, ectasy, and meth?(o yea i need 1 more drug and tell me the effect of that) i know that they make you high and stuff, i need to know alot asap plz
p.s – this is a science project so dont joke around i need serious answers


  1. Brian T-B says:

    well acid gives you brain damage… 😀

  2. P3ngy says:

    Oh dude. The perfect website for you, has real statistical effects and personal experiences.

    You’ll love it.

  3. I XLR-8 says:

    prison time
    prison time
    and more prison time !

  4. FarOut says:

    They all make you believe that the tree outside your house is melting.

  5. hoeesgirl01 says:

    if you seriously want the answer look it up on the computer under illegal drugs and the effects of them

  6. ana s says:

    well marijuana it leaves you with your pupils from your eyes bigger like alcool does, you get with your thongue like paper.the blood looks stopped to run.
    you just say stupid things and laufh for everithing its similar to the effects of alcool.

    other drugs Lsd, vallium etc..

  7. MAC says:

    the worst effect is death. those drugs give energy to the user. it’s effect is like adrenaline. getting tired is a biological function so that we can rest and sleep to gain enough energy. when the user gets tired and take those drugs, he will become more energetic by overusing those stored energy in your body. after the effect is gone, the body gets too tired twice than before you took the drug. so, the user then will be tempted to take again that drug to ease the pain. the longer he uses it, the higher the tolerance he will need to feel the desired effect. and if the user is dependent on it and immediately stop using it, he might die.

  8. Mr. Wizard says:

    With the execption of marijuana (and many would argue otherwise), cocaine, it’s lethal cousin, crack, ectasy and meth ALL are degeneratingly addictive with assured lethal potential if the addiction is not treated effectively.

    It’s been said by addicts of these drugs that the very instant of first use rendered them captive for LIFE as drug addicts. Sadly, it’s amazing how such drug dependencies begin to wreck one’s family, marriage, friendships, job, home….and eventually, the addict’s physical/mental health……and for some of the addict’s fellow abusers of such drugs—death is their demise and for the living–either they get help or wind up in prison..

    Marijuana, it’s said, isn’t an innocent lamb in the crowd of illegal drugs. It is purported that pot’s seductive ingredient, THC, carries a long after effect on one’s behavioral system–rendering the pot smoker aimlessly listless and disattached from his/her enviroment.

    It’s also suggested that one average size marijuana joint carries enough tar and nicotine punch to equal ONE PACK of tobbaco cigarettes. The AMA suggests dedicated pot smokers do tend to develop lung diseases far faster than tobbacoo smokers.

    Medical fact or anti-pot propaganda? Well….I guess that depends on your personal view on the subject of pot. But it is the wisely strong person to avoid at any measure, the use of cocaine, crack, ectasy and meth.