Medical Marijuana Outdoor sept 2010

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Medical Marijuana Outdoor sept 2010GDP MasterKush and many more friends join in on this Co -op garden in central valley california… What a few friends and a dream can do is incredible…

13 comments on “Medical Marijuana Outdoor sept 2010

  1. sdsteves on

    I grow Kings Kush, it is Master Kush crossed with grape skunk
    like u said, great taste, high, flavor

  2. thebudreaper on

    I wish I could grow outside. So jealous! I vegged 8 plants last year and put them in my back yard. I had to cut them down because some kitten from someone down the street, climbed a tree bordering mine and my neighbor’s property. They called a someone with tree climbing gear out to go get it. I did not want his telling the whole block what he saw. There was about 15 people watching the situation. It was hot.My property is private, but this tree is tall. The cat was up there.

  3. thatreal123 on

    what do you do that is so much different from everyone else growing to get such big buds man….? including myslef. straight up amazed

  4. codyck1 on

    Looks like u gotta ton of bud rot..yeah GDP tends to br(budrot) big time cuz the buds r so tight

  5. lonelyguy21myork on

    is this what heaven looks like????? the guy shooting the video god? wow dude nice

  6. 81Kush on

    @codyck1 Hey what can i say im out here alone only got a couple close friends to help out the worlds again the cannabis and more goes to waste each year than you can smoke in a lifetime part of the process….Beautiful process

  7. bigbbadnoobian on

    all those holes you got , stick some sharpened bamboo stakes in em, make you some tiger traps,invest in some cameras at home depot , some electriic fence wire and you should be good


    what do you feed those plants? i got some outdoor too bud they never get that big cola’s

  9. EAR74able on

    Legal,damn how many plants they let you grow out there.Looks like you got plenty,I would guess most of you in cali. have two gardens–one out –one inside.I know I would grow max. allowed

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