outdoor marijuana grow 2010 – part two

Medical Marijuana Outdoor sept 2010
May 24, 2011
Outdoor Marijuana 2010 HARVEST BUDS
May 24, 2011

outdoor marijuana grow 2010 - part twothe second part in my growing , my plant is allmost ready for harvest , enjoy and feel free to comment and help me with tips , peace.


  1. blazeveryday6996 says:

    you asked on some1 els’es video why ur plant was just one main stem and why isnt it bushhy ??? well its the strain .. u have a rudrial .. look it up … it really means a plant that grows on just 1 main stem … i wish i had that PLANT!!

  2. 123WeedGrower says:

    @blazeveryday6996 tnx for the info…

    i harvest the plant already , i need to upload the 3 part soon…
    because i was too damn horny for the weed i dint measure the total grams but it was decent..
    my second grow is underway now , and in this plant i cut the head and now i have two main stems , please subscribe (:

  3. jasonw6510 says:

    pretty shit m8 theres no thc on that plant check out my video ill attach it