how do you flower outdoor marijuana plants?

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outdoor marijuana

i planted them in the ground outdoors 3 weeks ago. they are around 4 inches tall. and im wondering how do i start to grow the bud. (when they are ready) because i dont want to have them grow more than 2-3 feet. is it possible to make it flower? or do i have to just let them do it themselves?

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  1. Chloe on

    You just have to wait. It takes all summer. These things can’t be rushed, kiddo…. but don’t worry, they really probably won’t won’t get to be 2 feet tall before they flower. And let the red come in, don’t clip them until the red comes in.

  2. CS on

    If they are outdoors, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. The length of the day is what triggers flowering. Cannabis does not begin to flower until the days and nights are approximately equal. This is typically in late summer, and the plants have been growing taller until that time. In order to keep them short, you’d have to continually trim them back to encourage bushier growth rather than height. Some strains take to this treatment better than others.
    These natural growth habits of cannabis is why much of it is grown indoors where it is force flowered by using artificial lighting in a 12/12 cycle to induce flowering when the size of the plant must be constrained to the space available.

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