Marijuana growing time lapse 1 month (Oasis)

should marijuana be legalized?
September 30, 2010
how do you flower outdoor marijuana plants?
September 30, 2010
eboblin asked:

Marijuana growing time lapse 1 month (Oasis)


  1. wefarrell says:

    Energy and heat go hand in hand, in other words a 1000 watt light emits the same amount of heat as a 1000 watt blowdryer and a 1000 watt heater. If LEDs emit much less heat than other lights its because they use much less energy.

  2. L3ASUR3T1M3 says:

    Lol who the fuck flagged this?

  3. SolidSnake9000 says:

    compact florescent

  4. sopos63 says:

    im familiar with HIDs but what’s CFL??

  5. SolidSnake9000 says:

    dude LEDs r still bein experimented with no one really grows with em yet cause they dont know it their reliable and grow lights from home depot n shit wont grow ur plant for nothin use HIDs or CFLs

  6. anko8aug says:

    i wish my pot grows that fast lol

  7. sound1744 says:

    plant done a lot of dropping man cool temps at night i think. great choice NL#2.

  8. sopos63 says:

    question for someone out there – what are the pros and cons of growing with LEDs and growing with a norm grow lamp… I’m talkin heat signatures here, because LED emit like a 1/16th of the heat sig but take way more energy (or something like that…) any help is good help

  9. conman2317 says:

    the first set of leaves are round and green, the second set are bladed, but are only one leaf on a branch, the third set should usually have 3 bladed leaves on a branch. fourth or fifth set should look like regular marijuana leafs.

  10. caca210 says:


  11. ochoa0042 says:

    that was pretty cool, you could tell when the plant was weak, strong – – – IT’S ALIVE !!, IT’S ALIVE !!!!

  12. ArmyofAngels44 says:

    where did u get the seed? and look at a pic of a plant thats really young and see if they look similar, they should when there only a few days old. and if you still cant tell then idk what to tell you.

  13. max123maxim says:

    hey, how can u tell that your rearly growing cannabis my leafs look weed like but it hasnt that thing were a lot of leafs come out a one place. but its quite small. can any one help plz

  14. neobeatchick says:

    How much is your electric bill for one month, on average?

  15. NinjaParakeet says:

    Go fuck urself, y r u watching this vid then? I’m a stoner and I have top grades in my class, so…go fuck urself 😀

  16. brandondoesit says:

    dont rag on alcohol and cigs lol even tho weed is king. SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY

  17. linkinpsp9888 says:

    miracle grow doesn’t kill weed, it’s just not the best fert. to use when growing weed. I have a few friends that grew some nice bud using miracle grow before and they didn’t die.

  18. dyzler says:

    give me some pliz. i smoke that good shit

  19. Violence1987 says:

    Stoner scumbags? How are stoners scumbags? Amsterdam has some of the lowest crime rate in the world and they legalise cannabis. Cannabis has never killed anyone, It has very little harmful effects. Alcohol and Tobacco kills more people than any other drug ALOT more. If you weren’t such a ignorant fool you’d realise that cannabis is probably one of the best drugs on this earth.

  20. jawldunno says:

    we all just need to get high

  21. curtis420sk8er says:

    ur stupid miracle grow kills weed

  22. linkinpsp9888 says:

    nice, indicas are great for indoor growing man

  23. chuckshissle says:

    Maybe they are using Miracle Grow for weed! 😀