What should we do with Marijuana clinic in California?

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slew asked:

California legalize medical marijuana. Its still illegal, but basically its a statement that California will not prosecute people who has medical reason to have marijuana. Now we have all these Marijuana clinics. Its so easy for drug abuser to get a prescription from them, that cable TV show, Weed, joked about it. A judge ruled that,the law on Marijiuana use is so vague, that he ruled any disease can be a legtimate reason for marijuana use. Despite people posting about a Federal crack down, I think they are joking since the clinics are all over the place. Should we ban marijuana use all together, because of the abuse. Increase penalty and police actions to punish the clinics who hide behind the sick to make a profit in drug trafficking. Increase regulation to restrict medical marijuana, to ensure that only certain medical condition are accepted as a legitimate for marijuana use, like how FDA regulate drugs. No pothead rantings please.

7 comments on “What should we do with Marijuana clinic in California?

  1. nonalcoholic2 on

    I really like how you don’t even have to be 18 to get a prescription. They still violate Federal law, so I loved watching the DEA collect their buds and guns!

  2. Aleata H on

    OK, I am not a pothead ranting but i will say this….What is really so bad about a pothead or the pot he/she smokes? I think marijuana should be legalized under certain conditions. The same as alcohol, you can’t smoke and drive or something like that. Marijuana does impair your judgment and slows down your reflexes but so does alcohol. Why isn’t it illegal? I have never heard of anyone dying of marijuana poison or overdosing on marijuana. I think if we all just got high every once in a while we might be able to get along better with each other and some of these crazy people that go out and kill people might chill the hell out……………..Again……just my opinion. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AND WE WON’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!

  3. Joe in texas on

    Why do so many cops, most of whom have smoked weed themselves at some point in their lives, get such a thrill out of arresting pot smokers?
    Could it be that pot smokers are usually not violent so that it is less trouble to arrest them than a real criminal?
    Does it make cops feel big and important to rough up the average skinny, stoner, high school kid?

    Why waste time and money prosecuting a victimless minor drug offense? Surely our society has more important problems than weed? How about murder, rape, theft, arson, gang violence, child abuse, and all the other nasty things that people do to each other.

    When police waste their time busting one teen out of the thousands that are smoking weed, or handing out tickets for minor traffic offences it makes many citizens loose respect for the law. Why because it takes time and EFFORT to solve serious crime.

    Those of us that have had our children’s future ruined by being the one kid that gets caught smoking weed and those of us that have been victims of crimes that the police made zero effort to solve really want the police to re-arrange their priorities.

    Yes next time I am a victim of a hit and run I would like to have more that a blank form and an incident number!

  4. Happykid on

    California actually made a law, Prop 215 that makes medical marijuana legal. It is the federal law that says it is illegal. Consitutionally, the feds shouldn’t be able to mess with that, (because we have rights with State laws) but they said it fell under “regulating commerce” and that they could control it. That will be found unconsitutional eventually and things will change, but right now the feds are trying to say their law is more important. It’s not about potheads or non-potheads.

    This is about freedom. And people who don’t benefit from it can laugh, but if we don’t put a stop to this by putting better people in office and voting, than they will take away more and more freedoms until everyone is affected.

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