The Gentlemen’s Rant: Marijuana

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The Gentlemen's Rant: Marijuanathe gentlemen’s take on marijuana. twitter: ‪ facebook: ‪ check out our other videos: ‪ starring: John Elerick ‪ Travon Free ‪ Will Stephens ‪ Roger Roth ‪ — the gentlemen’s rant, marijuana, weed, kush, Cannabis, medicinal marijuana, 420, smoking, smoke, bong, joint, bud, pot, cush, green, herb, sticky icky, john elerick, travon free, will stephens, roger roth, oojleoo jee,, funny, comedy, joke, jokes, r

50 comments on “The Gentlemen’s Rant: Marijuana

  1. TheMasonFTW on

    wish i had a joke for you guys to laugh at well you’re stoned, wait, you laugh at everything when you’re stoned

  2. iSHOREDEW on

    I didn’t totally agree. Don’t legalize marijuana, you will obscure and commercialize weed culture.

  3. Jebrone on

    Hey this COULD happen and MORE people would know about it AND more companies would use it for these IF marijuana was legalized.

  4. praisedscooter on

    I got nothing against pot, just not for me thanks…stuff smells like fresh cut hay, not the most pleasant smell if you’re unfamiliar with it…

  5. Meteorain108 on

    I don’t smoke, but 0:45 – 1:10 is completely true. It really should be legal -.-….

  6. jose91892 on

    Gentlemen’s Rant: Military
    lol I’m about to ship out. I’m curious to what they have to say.

  7. TeaDrinkingGamers on

    It can actually be dangerous to anyone under 25 (while your brain is still developing) Anything psychoactive is.

  8. TheBroadcastDragon on

    wow these went downhill…I’m usually a fan but I didn’t laugh once this episode…maybe it would of been better if you filmed this while you were “high”

  9. FantasiaMagia on

    Marijuana is less dangerous to your health than alcohol and tobacco, so why not legalize it?

  10. Christian358Kane on

    you know what sucks?
    standing in the bus next to a hot chick for five hours
    in tight jeans

    also gentlemen’s rant: the discomfort of untimely erections

  11. mickjen on

    Forget Medical Marijuana, I wanna be able to pick it up when I grab milk!

    I’d rather give myself, my pets, and yes, my future children, some weed-based product, than any pill…..

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