The Gentlemen’s Rant: Marijuana

First marijuana grow (part 5)
April 16, 2012
The Reason Behind Growing Organic Medical Marijuana With Gobig
April 17, 2012

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  1. Stupefyzation says:

    Are you guys in Heaven? It’s all white. Where you are.

  2. snotbrain says:

    I think they were being sarcastic saying it had no medicinal abilities 🙂

  3. TheMasonFTW says:

    wish i had a joke for you guys to laugh at well you’re stoned, wait, you laugh at everything when you’re stoned

  4. d0ck47 says:

    The Gentlemen’s Rant: white trash

  5. Supra229 says:

    Gentleman’s Rant: one night stand

  6. iSHOREDEW says:

    I didn’t totally agree. Don’t legalize marijuana, you will obscure and commercialize weed culture.

  7. Jebrone says:

    Hey this COULD happen and MORE people would know about it AND more companies would use it for these IF marijuana was legalized.

  8. HikeYultz says:

    Nice piece roger..

  9. mountainman211 says:

    The Gentlemen’s Rant: Prom

  10. BenJumba93 says:

    Roger reminds me of Albert Brennaman from Hitch

  11. tadshackles says:

    Gentlemans Rant: Anal… Will knows what Im talking about!

  12. tuliptishuebox says:

    shortest rant ever, or am i just stoned?

  13. qazedctgb19 says:

    stupid stupid stupid!

  14. whalley10 says:

    Get high and listen to this!!!!!

  15. LeftenantSMACK says:


  16. praisedscooter says:

    I got nothing against pot, just not for me thanks…stuff smells like fresh cut hay, not the most pleasant smell if you’re unfamiliar with it…

  17. dragonmaster786 says:

    Stop being SMart

  18. Meteorain108 says:

    I don’t smoke, but 0:45 – 1:10 is completely true. It really should be legal -.-….

  19. dj72293 says:

    that made my week

  20. BizzyTkiD says:

    because what is there to fucking rant about!?

  21. joebuckfan says:

    Best one yet!!!

  22. jose91892 says:

    Gentlemen’s Rant: Military
    lol I’m about to ship out. I’m curious to what they have to say.

  23. TeaDrinkingGamers says:

    It can actually be dangerous to anyone under 25 (while your brain is still developing) Anything psychoactive is.

  24. Supra229 says:

    Gentleman’s Rant: Cheating

  25. seanomaolalaidh says:

    Gentlemen’s rant: Penguin’s on the TV set

  26. tijnmans says:

    The Netherlands: Why do you think we have the happiest youth in the world?!

  27. Travass80 says:

    Actually 49. I’m out of weed, but I still “like”ed the video.

  28. TheBroadcastDragon says:

    wow these went downhill…I’m usually a fan but I didn’t laugh once this episode…maybe it would of been better if you filmed this while you were “high”

  29. FantasiaMagia says:

    Marijuana is less dangerous to your health than alcohol and tobacco, so why not legalize it?

  30. madhatterten says:

    HAHAH, oh this video was SO good. I’m not even a stoner, that was just funnny.

  31. TheSebastianSrdc says:

    The Gentlemen’s Rant: Public Transport

  32. christianbinghamx says:

    0:46 – 1:13 you fucked the system

  33. ScytheNoire says:

    The Gentlemen’s Rant: YouTube views count

  34. essteben says:

    sex… sex.. sex… LOL

  35. Stormcat1 says:

    Gentlemen’s rant: Wine

  36. whiteknight8 says:

    Gentlemen’s rant: female coworkers

  37. parrmorgan1 says:

    holy shit this is great!

  38. SytrusISurtys says:

    Gentlemen’s Rant: Trolling

  39. MistaBray says:

    gentlemen’s rant : sex in the workplace – is it wrong?

  40. exsinner says:

    whats wrong with sex? they are three type now, male, female, shemale

  41. Christian358Kane says:

    you know what sucks?
    standing in the bus next to a hot chick for five hours
    in tight jeans

    also gentlemen’s rant: the discomfort of untimely erections

  42. nickyfresh12 says:

    The Gentlemen’s Rant: Old people

  43. theotherdabbs says:

    YES a Breaking Bad reference! Thank you Trayvon!

  44. HungryPatapus says:

    gentlemen’s rant: homeless black people

  45. ImScreamms says:

    lmao Score twenty

  46. Dvillatoro27 says:

    Im going to keep on posting this until i see it.
    Gentlemens rant: religion.

  47. ghmasterjj2 says:

    The Gentlemen’s rant: youtube flagging

  48. stopwearingshorts says:


  49. mickjen says:

    Forget Medical Marijuana, I wanna be able to pick it up when I grab milk!

    I’d rather give myself, my pets, and yes, my future children, some weed-based product, than any pill…..

  50. MrAchbla says:

    the gentlemen’s rant: coworkers