Out to a fancy dinner with husband and colleagues. Nervous, and said marijuana sauce instead of marinara sauce

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marijuana jokes
Reserved asked:

I really did it this time!

My husband went to work the following day, and they were cracking jokes at him that he has a pot head for a wife!

I have no idea why that came out like that other than nerves. I don’t even like it!

How can I turn this into a joke next time I see them?

After I ordered at the restaurant, I made a comment about the wine going to my head, but they didn’t buy it!

13 comments on “Out to a fancy dinner with husband and colleagues. Nervous, and said marijuana sauce instead of marinara sauce

  1. Okaydokay21 on

    I would wait for them to say to joke with you — or have your husband joke around with you — and then just come up with something clever kinda teasing yourself in response.

  2. barefoot_always on

    It will pass, let it blow over… or get the hubby to brag to everyone about all the wild stuff you do in bed when you’re tokin’ !!! (yes, even if he has to make it all up 😉

  3. Pepperdine-University on

    next time order a “crunchy fried steak and mushed potatoes”instead of a country fried staek with mashed potatoe

  4. Marray on

    Just let it go, if they don’t bring it up then you don’t bring it up. you don’t want to look like an airhead who is trying to explain an addiction to marijuana. If they joke about it, just laugh along.

  5. xooxcable on

    Next time you’re at dinner with someone, say in a VERY OBVIOUS way (and a smile on your face so they know you’re joking) “Could you please pass the Blunt…I mean salt.”

  6. todd h on

    you are a dumb broad and your husband should leave you at home and take his girlfriend next time. My wife, who was complaining that her back was sore while at a fancy hotel breakfast with my colleagues, was given a suggestion to have a shiatsu. her reply: “no thanks, I don’t drink” that was the last time she went on a buisness trip with me. I take my young, hot girlfriend now! she at least knows enough to keep here mouth shut!

  7. tool on

    I actually believe your little mishap added to the affability and, as well, likability of you to your husband’s co-workers. It’s already a joke if they were joking about the next day at work. I don’t think further convincing is needed.

  8. J R on

    I guess you can tell I’m not much of a cook. I mistakenly made marijuana sauce for my spaghetti and used medical marinara in my brownies. The pasta was good but I was hungry an hour later.

  9. Lizzie on

    I imagine you weren’t the first person to do this.

    When you see them again, and they bring it up, you can go with the flow and say “Yeah, that marijuana sauce is great. I was feeling pretty good after eating that dinner!”

    Hopefully, the joke will get old and they will drop it after a while.
    Try to be a good sport and go with the flow.

    If it continues to bother you, ask your husband to say something to his coworkers like “O.K. guys, we get the joke. Let’s drop it now, o.k.?”

  10. Sandy on

    Say this next time “That marijuana sauce is great, no only do I like the taste, I like the smell too. I love to sniff it all day long” lol 🙂

  11. Karin C on

    Marijuana sauce? Something in the Alice B. Toklas line? sounds yummy! ;-))

    My husband, who is an inveterate word-scrambler, once told the waitress at a dinner we were at with a bunch of friends that he wanted to order “spirochetes with marinara sauce.” (He meant spiralli pasta). This brought conversation to a thundering full stop for a few moments, then some laughs.

    Nothing to compare to the time he was in a group of people and called someone a “genital idiot.” Now that inspired some interesting mental pictures, I’m sure…;-))

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