say my bro is growing marijuana and my parents dont know who gets charged if my bro is a adult?

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September 23, 2010
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September 23, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Miggy Z asked:

say he may have more than 10 plants my parents have no idea how do my parents prevent from them getting into trouble and my brother in trouble? what im asking is will my brother be the one charged or my parents because the marijuana plants are under their roof but they have no idea?


  1. JD says:

    you’re parents will get in trouble too, I would tell them if I were you.

  2. jwthoughts says:

    They will be charged. How do they prevent it? Throw his @$$ out or turn his @$$ in.

    I really hope you do not listen to xaarg…your parents WILL BE CHARGED. There is no question. To compare it to landlords is ridiculous. THEY LIVE THERE. They would be charged, and have to prove that they did not know….and that would be very hard to prove.

  3. vcxzzxcvvcxzzxcv says:

    The police can and probably will seize the house.

    I’m not kidding.

    And your parents will not convince a judge that they didn’t know. Even a simpathetic judge will fine them a huge amount and may even try to make an example of them.

  4. Pelosi's Poolboy says:

    everybody in the house

  5. wwpetcemetery says:

    All will be charged…regardless whether they knew or not….they would have to prove they didn’t know…even though the laws are a burden on the parents would still feel the suffering.

  6. Glinda W says:

    If the home is owned or rented by your parents then yes they will be charged. If they own the home then it will be confiscated.

  7. Bob M says:

    You’ll all be charged. As parents, they have a responsibility to know what’s going on on their property. Your bro will be charged because he’s the one growing the pot. You will be charged for not reporting the crime to the police, providing aid to a criminal.

    Hope either the cops never find out, or you’ve all got good lawyers.

  8. Debbie T says:

    Your brother is looking at a felony. Your parents are looking at possible loss our their home, and you, if you are a minor. They would have to prove they knew nothing about the plants. I see your brother really loves his family. So much so, he’s willing for them to lose everything so he can get high, and make some money under the table instead of a real job.

  9. Julie G says:

    No matter how old your brother is and your brother will be possibly charged for having possession and growing the marijuana unless if he is selling, then add to other charge. If your parents will be charged for having it in the house as the owners of the house, having in right under their nose. It is hard to believe your parents have no idea, smell and visible.

  10. Stephanie B says:

    they would get charged too and I would tell them maybe they could get him some help to make him quit and if he refuses throw him out

  11. Windy says:

    Mom and dad own the house! They will also be screwed because your bro must be selling, too. The cops won’t believe that your parents had no idea that there were pot plants in their house- Increase in electricity for the special lights, spme special smells, etc. Tell bro to get them out now and also tell your parents what’s going on. They deserve to know.

  12. xaargh says:

    I very highly doubt you ALWAYS get charged for illegal activities conducted by other people in your house, as long as it’s clear that it was well-hidden and you couldn’t have known about it. And evidently this is the case, since your parents actually don’t know. Owning a property does not automatically make you responsible for everything done on it… think about landlords, for example. They don’t get charged when renters secretly do illegal things. And the police may or may not choose to actually pursue such a charge against your parents; it’s quite common for people to have children involved in illegal activities against their wishes, the police know that. Whether they decide to try to charge the parents will sort of depend on how the situation looks. Are your parents wealthy, educated, or otherwise people that wouldn’t normally be suspected of growing weed? If so they’ll be alot better off than if they look sketchy.

    Your brother will definitely be charged, though. I’m assuming it’s in his room or something and obvious that he’s involved. Just because he’s in someone else’s house DEFINITELY does not mean whatever he does is somebody else’s fault.

  13. Irv S says:

    The property owner is assumed to know what’s
    going on. Your parents could lose the house.

  14. mortiicia3 says:

    Your brother would be charged if he’s caught growing the plants. However, since they’re being grown on your parents’ property, then they will also be held responsible.

  15. laughter_every_day says:

    Parents would also be charged. If a jury believed that didn’t know what was going on, then they should be acquitted. However, jurors are told to bring their common sense to the jury room with them, and they might very well believe no one could have not known. Then, they all risk convicted for cultivating and losing the house as it is an implement for the commission of a crime, no different that a bank robber who has to forfeit his gun.

  16. keepitsimple says:

    its their house so they can be charged – tell your parents- your brother is a selfish little jerk – tell your parents to give him the boot he dont appreciate them anyway