Indoor closet Grow!

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Indoor closet Grow!my 2nd time growing for Medical Reasons its some Awesome Medical marijuana the plants called Ganja Dream, i will be getting 1 400 hps bulb later down the rode, Please comment and subscribe thank you!!!

2 comments on “Indoor closet Grow!

  1. leezyyme on

    You should rename your video like something that shows this is your first closet grow or first video posted of it idk i dont think that really mattters but, what kinda soil are you using? i would reccomend coco or foxfarm brands
    and what are you ganna do about the smell cuz with the 400 watt hps your ganna get like triple compared to my 150 watt grow probably more im guessing cuz you seem like you know what your doing

  2. StonerEyes420 on

    @leezyyme thanks for the comment man 🙂 im using ultra potting soil as of now… i will how ever pick up some Foxfarm and more decent soil when i get ready to transplant my other sprouts. and as of the odder im not tripping off of it 🙂 i dont get what you mean about renaming my video Lol cheers!

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