Jorge Cervantes: Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour – 10lb.+ MEGA Plants!!

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May 25, 2011
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May 26, 2011

Jorge Cervantes: Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour - 10lb.+ MEGA Plants!!Did you ever wonder where medical cannabis comes from? Come with me on a tour to of some of the best medical marijuana gardens in Northern California, where you’ll see the results of years of selective breeding and organic gardening knowhow. The tour starts in Lake County and moves to gardens in Sonoma and Butte Counties. Then we get a birds-eye view of the giant 10-pound, that’s right 10-pound, plants in Humboldt County. See if you can spot the red crosses from the air! Hold on to your seats, t


  1. BmoneyRnow says:

    this vid makes my dick hurt…

  2. canadiancosnnoisseur says:

    @djhardensterik jorge said its unavalible in seed or cutting… can find strains online thaat are way more purple..

  3. bweez100 says:

    loving that purp at 2;30-2;56 look bomb

  4. goforth85 says:

    Fair enough, but if there wasnt the amount of money involved 95%(and that’s being overly optimistic) of the people involved wouldnt be there. There only there for the money. I have seen people who claim to be supplying people with medicine for noble cause spray their plants with the most chemical shit because disease or bugs threaten their profit. I guess i could just be am disillusioned with the whole scene. After all I grew up in the middle of Humboldt and seen it my whole life. Good and bad.

  5. CoconutAmber says:

    You and people like you give me the strength and courage to battle my disease without fear. When all you have left is hope, it’s humbling to see others put aside their fears and defy the powers that be and continue the long hard struggle for the true believers of the Cannabis community. From the bottom of my heart… I THANK YOU!

  6. gordoalfredo says:

    Love the JOY in Jorge’s face!

  7. Abrahamsandwich420 says:

    I want to live there…

  8. TheSkateAddiction says:

    those catipillers are getting high as fuck hahahah

  9. thatguyplayinguitar says:

    0:59 even caterpillars like weed

  10. Episcopicide says:

    Could anyone tell me the names of the Songs/Soundscapes used in this video, please?

  11. goforth85 says:

    At 8:10 he isnt showing bud that he is harvesting and ready to dry. Its editing trickery, that is bud that is moldy on the inside and most of it will end up getting thrown away. They will most likely save some of it, but less than a 3rd. In the next shot you can see tops with brown leaves, that is a sure sign of mold in a bud late in the flowering season, everybody that grows like that deals with it every year.

  12. tutuyin says:


  13. djhardensterik says:

    @canadiancosnnoisseur more than that i doubt… if so, send me the link 😉

  14. canadiancosnnoisseur says:


  15. MrProdigo says:


  16. Forgineers says:

    @valdudes Dude, you are a god. Thank you so much I’ve been trying to find this music forever. Might I say fantastic editing on the video, you did SUCH a great job!!!!!!!!!!

  17. suhrtz says:


  18. patogruyere1 says:

    The plants and the song are awesome !

  19. RonPaulOrDie says:


  20. AhForgottenShadow says:

    Fuck do i want to play hide and seek in a forest of weed… 🙁

  21. OcimaDo3 says:

    @mortraven626 nop 😀

  22. UncleTboe says:

    I shook the whole ten minutes watching…………wow.
    God is good.

  23. goforth85 says:

    @CoconutAmber None of these people are putting aside their fear, they are looking at the dollar signs. You can put 500 plants outside and never get busted. Don’t believe for a second that even 5% of the people doing this are doing it for a noble cause. Sure, every once in a while, but the vast majority are just after the almighty dollar.

  24. anthonytaurus says:

    @goforth85 there’s nothing wrong with doing what you love and eating at the same time. do you complain about a doctor who enjoys helping people and gets a paycheck in the process?

    and that nonsense about bud mold is ridiculous. those buds are fine. if you really knew anything about bud, you know even moldy buds can be used, just not smoked. still make butter or a drink and no they won’t be moldy.

    STOP LYIN and all this fear mongering isn’t helping anyone

  25. Blunteeezy says:

    YouTube isn’t Buffering this video cuz it’s about the most wonderful plant. How could they do this to me

  26. Bnasty2518 says:

    This was beautiful, watching our favorite girl grow free in the daylight sun brings a tear to my red fucking eyes. We Win!

  27. kingkola1p says:


  28. wadscardear says:

    whats that black one at 8:00 and will it grow in north east texas?

  29. partyongarth420 says:

    this is when u know its just to damn expensive.. i appreciate good growers.. so far my homegrown hasnt been anywhere near the quality of what i get from the club.. but ugh the tax just went up a bit… ganjas freakin expensive and it shouldnt be. ill be working on my growing more with my 250 hps cause i just cant afford purchasing a quarter for 100. every week from the club..

  30. hawkinsa21 says:

    This was a great great great great great great great great great great great video

  31. Goodfoot6 says:

    such incredibly diverse gardens they are works of art

  32. Charside says:

    3.52 never seen DANK grow like this before!! 🙂

  33. henrymitmaggie says:

    who know the strain at 5:55 looks good as hell…

  34. Ironmaxen says:

    one of the best vid’s on youtube. thanks

  35. coolcoreancat says:

    OH MY GOSH, I wish I can ‘like’ this video 1000 times…

  36. valdudes says:

    @Episcopicide Chihei Hatakeyama is the artist, songs are from his album Minima Moralia.

  37. 420eugenio says:


  38. Masterpopster says:

    @mortraven626 its hard for me to watch this at bedtime because it gets me to excited haha.

  39. YoungMaaaster says:

    Does anyone know the strain of the black bud at 07:52?

  40. anthonytaurus says:

    @goforth85 there’s nothing wrong with doing what you love and eating at the same time. do you complain about a doctor who enjoys helping people and gets a paycheck in the process?

  41. thedriftmc says:

    4 people work for the pharmaceutical industry.

  42. Forgineers says:


  43. djhardensterik says:

    Can somebody please tell me the strain name at: 07:50 ???? Im trying like forever to find it… Its the darkest i ever seen!

  44. SULLYIRISH707 says:

    Jorge is my vato

  45. MMJ420Gardener says:

    wow he looks so different from the videos where he wore dreadlocks!

  46. Forgineers says:

    GUYS, THE SONG USED IN THIS VIDEO IS CALLED “Bonfire On The Field” by the artist Chihei Hatakeyama. It is in the album Minima Moralia which contains a whole bunch of great ambient songs.

    I just thought you guys would want to know because I was going mad wanting to know the song and then I saw Valdudes comment a number of pages back saying it. Props to Valdudes on the superior editing, props to Jorge Cervantes on his enthusiasm, activism and knowledge, and props to the wonderful music artist! 🙂

  47. mythicstealth says:

    @likeOMGitsUNLTD I love your comment! How true – this is such a great video.

  48. BrennaBrad says:

    Power 2 the plant!

  49. djhardensterik says:

    why elephants dont ride bike?

  50. BmoneyRnow says:

    how does this video not have more hits?….holy crap simply beautiful