Marijuana Bust (Follow-up visit)


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MadisonFloridaVoice asked:

The follow up visit from the seizure of marijuana plants on September 28, 2009.

3 comments on “Marijuana Bust (Follow-up visit)

  1. hk531971 on

    Now dont get me wrong I like the police they work hard to arrest loosers…but this is hippie bongs and hunting guns.

  2. Gregn229 on

    probably bunch of shit they have collected and there trying to make things different than they really are Its called propaganda people

  3. skyhi420x on

    what do the guns have to do with marijuana????????? Everyone here in Maine that hunts has near that many guns or more! and has nothing to do woth the fact that they smoke pot, they hunt and have a right to bear arms!its impossible to link them to pot unless you dumb cops made up some bullcrap link start working for the people who pay for your checks POT SMOKERSW!!! 75% of america

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