2012 MENDOCINO GRANDADDY PURPLE INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWLast few days of some daaaank purple meds, enjoy.


Marijuana Busts


  • codyck1 3 years ago

    from a rooted clone I veg in a 1 gal container for 2 weeks, then transplant to a 7 gallon container & veg for another 2.5 weeks, then flip the switch to 12/12. I top each plant 1 time 5 days after transplanting to the 7 gal container. Yes, Indica dominant strains tend to grow slower than sativa dominat strains during veg, and only stretch 1.5 – double size after flipping the switch, as opposed to sativa dom strains which can triple or even quadruple in size post flip.

  • moosemanty 3 years ago

    beautiful plants, horrible songs.

  • Jack Ziesing 3 years ago

    once again, your the man. Thanks for sharing again I hope you continue.

  • meze maccalman 3 years ago

    i like your style man pick a good strain and dial that shit in.,… how long do you veg these monsters?? i recently acquired a cut of this and it seems to veg slower then shit is this normal?

  • codyck1 3 years ago

    I did use bloombastic, but never noticed much of a difference in trichome production and yield was not as significant so I went back 2 my original recipe. I use sunshine mix #4 as it provides excellent aeration & drainage as well as black gold coco blend w/ the fox farms soils…never to proud to switch things up if necessary, never get stagnant in growing, I luv to learn new techniques & if it works I always share my discoveries….

  • MokushiNABox 3 years ago

    been a while

  • codyck1 3 years ago

    you don’t like Lee Ving? Im a product of the 80’s, grew up on punk rock cant get it out of me. maybe you should pray for me?

  • dogma478 3 years ago

    @codyck1 4 years, must be a really good strain. Looks bomb. Glad growers aren’t like some cooks with there recipes.

  • dogma478 3 years ago

    Very Nice!!! Would luv some details.

  • inlikefinn1 3 years ago

    Hope all is well. Happy Holidays!!!

  • codyck1 3 years ago

    liquid kool bloom is a flower bulking nute, the powder kool bloom is a ripening nute used in late flower last 2-3 weeks. I use about 2 ml/gal of the mollases, you can use up to 5ml. gal but u dont need to use that much.

  • codyck1 3 years ago

    an original Ken Estes cut of GDP that Ive been growing straight for 4 years now. Soil mix, (2) Happy Frog, (1) Ocean Forest, (1) Black Gold coco blend, (1) Sunshine Mix #4. GH grow, micro, bloom w/ additives consisting of liquid kool bloom, botanicare sweet,Open Sesame 1st 2.5 weeks of flower them 2.5 weeks of beasite bloomz, then 1.5 weeks of powder kool bloom, then 2 week unsulphured black strap mollases flush

  • SuperDoctorgreen 3 years ago

    Hella Nice Buds Brother…. Sweet Purple Dreams…. Some Dank Shit that GDP is…. Keep it Green. Peace Out. . . > > > SDG

  • playintight 3 years ago

    Nice soil Mix. What size pots you going with in this grow?

  • 11carlymarie 3 years ago

    backk onn thee tubbbbe. thats what i am talking abouuut

  • ErryoneJusChill 3 years ago

    holy fuck, may i shake your hand, job well done (Y)

  • LiveSimpIy 3 years ago

    Mad props these plants look tops! I hope mine come through like this!

  • jonhigh7 3 years ago

    Hey bro what’s up with some genetics?? I love gdp its really good for my anxiety hit me up bro!!!

  • 808mafia1 3 years ago

    can u guys check out my video n see if my grow room good

  • moosemanty 3 years ago

    pray for you? na, it looks like you are doing just fine without the prayers. but to each their own on music; that’s the beauty of it. we all have our own taste in music, food, and cars, but we all love the same plant.

  • willisoflousiana 3 years ago

    we need to hang outt get in contactttt

  • mustardass1 3 years ago

    Nice garden punkrocker – I love that album…

  • williams jerry 3 years ago

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  • 13872ke 3 years ago

    yea theres nothing you can really say except, your the man

  • 707baymobin 3 years ago

    looks awsome bro id love to get a cut of that

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