Will This Affect My Plant Growing (OUTDOOR)?

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September 20, 2010
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September 20, 2010
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Pr0be asked:

I have some ‘Drop by Drop Flowering Plants drip feeder (32ml)’ and I want to use them in my soil (which is all ready mixed with perlite etc).

But… I am growing Marijuana (Not In The UK as it is illegal) and do not want to ruin it with this Drip Feeder incase it has harsh chemicals that only go well with your everyday garden plant.

Should I use it?

Will It Affect the ph Level in the soil?

And if you have experience in this department, what other things should I add to the water/soil sometime in the growing period to maximise the growth?

P.S. It’s the pink tube of Drip Feeder if you need to research 🙂
MORE INFO: This is a question about MAXIMISING the growth of marijuana; the question still remains about the Drip Feeder, ph values and solutions to add to water. Please answer the question asked.

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  1. afterthought says:

    When I was 14 I used to smoke and throw the seeds ouside my bedroom window in the flower bed.I wasn’t even attempting to grow.
    Several weeks passed and I discovered that 4 plants over 2 feet in height(almost as tall as my window seal)had germinated and started growing.The bed had ample sunlight and was on a spinkler system.
    The point is,seeds due the work,all they need is ample sunlight and water.