fueling my fire and further extinguishing myself
April 29, 2015
♪ Scooter Vlog ♫ Scooter Vlog ♪
April 29, 2015

18+ older. All smoking done legally. hey guys i’m on snapchat! add me – JesseNweed instagram @ Jesse_LoudStrain.


  1. Corey Jones says:

    Dude you are hilarious my man! Love the vids bro keep me comin! Stay high! 

  2. ELEMENT7684 says:

    dawg are ur parents like a doctor or lawyer? my nigga look like he blowin
    dat shit by da p all day every day. no seriously though do u work? i follow
    u on sc and u said u aint a distributor (kevin gates reference?)

  3. ELEMENT7684 says:

    No its ok I dont want a response back im not a dedicated viewer or anything
    ha ha ja ha haha ha.
    Bha awkward ok bye(awkward sarcasm making u feel awkward yet)