What if Barney Frank ran for Governor of Alabama?

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September 17, 2010
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September 17, 2010
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Eric S asked:

I’m talking about Barney Frank making a move from Massachusetts down to The South to create Liberal changes to the state of Alabama.

In an effort protect the state of Alabama and The South from the recession, Barney Frank would introduce radical changes to the Southern State.

1) All towns in Western Alabama will be forced by the state Governor Barney Frank to form a socialist colony and experiment with equal wealth society under Liberal principles.

2) Barney Frank would impose a tax on gasoline that the state would use to build a high-speed rail from Mobile to Birmingham as an emergency escape route for poor people in the event of another Hurricane Katrina.

3) Alabama would experience state income and tax property tax increases, but this money would be used to fund a state welfare system to help the poor people use the money to buy and mortgage new homes.

4) Alabama would legalize gay/lesbian marriage.

5) Marijuana would be legalized across the entire state of Alabama, most benefiting the hippie tribes of the forests of Northern Alabama

6) State funding under Barney Frank would ensure that every town in Alabama has no more than 1 McDonalds and at least 1 healthy organic vegetarian restaurant.

7) Smoking would be banned in all restaurants in Alabama, if not already.

8) Alabama would eliminate speed limits on all highways and NO speed traps.

9) Alabama would have stricter state standards on reducing carbon emissions to be the most eco-friendly state in America.

10) Alabama would develop its own film industry comparable to Hollywood and Mobile on the Gulf would be a celebrity town filled with stars of the rich and famous.

11) A population of 400,000 Liberal anarchist revolutionaries and feminists and hippies and vegans and Pride members from San Francisco, Philly, Greater Boston, Brooklyn New York, and Hollywood and Vegas would settle in a corner of Montgomery, Alabama and have nude outdoor acoustic guitar concerts.

Would Alabama residents be up for this NEW state of Alabama under the Governorship of Barney Frank?


  1. jamie says:

    acorn would go there

  2. paulj53@att.net says:

    Oh please can he???? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

    They know how to take care of people like him. Within a week you would find him hanging from a tall tree and we would all be done with this moron.

  3. Rainbow in the Dark says:

    he reminds me of Porky Pig, LMFAO!!!!

  4. ggraves1724 says:

    First question: He would be shot!

    The Second: He would be shot again!

  5. jimmjohns2 says:

    You may be on to something. As a son of the south, I witnessed many so-called hard nosed redneck he-men who would sneak into my black community for sexual liaisons with well endowed black men most were married, well respected and highly thought of within their own communities. Some of my friends would accommodate them to reap the monetary benefits. I found it repugnant in spite of being poor as owl droppings. I would never subjugate myself to such acts.

  6. bwlobo says:

    Barney Frank wouldn’t go to Alabama unless his lover was there too.