Weed E Cig and Possible New Website


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Weed E Cig and Possible New WebsiteSoundrone Pulls out the e-pen collection and burns some reeferages then discuses different back shaving methods. Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at

50 comments on “Weed E Cig and Possible New Website

  1. NotYourOrdinaryNinja on

    Pass the glass, or maybe 42b0ngs (says 420 in it ) or something clever idk
    ill have more ideas in a bit

  2. Brandon Ritchey on

    Why not just do both high end and low end glass? Not many good US based
    stores out there….

  3. Matt Mespelli on

    the smoking emporium, smoker’s emporium, soundrones smoking sanctuary,
    soundrones smoking emporium, i could go on for days…

  4. Raymond Taylor on

    Hey sound what would be your opinion of the best brand of glass bongs since
    you use glass and bongs ? 

  5. JEB36251478 on

    420 messiah
    420 bees knees
    420 stoneheads
    The 420 frontier
    Green Floyd
    The sound shop
    420 outlet
    I think that’s all I can think of for now

  6. st0ner_mtl on

    support your local north american glass blowers those china and india
    crooks dont deserve our money

  7. blake robinson on

    Dude yes the vapor idea for the site I love it I’ve been looking for cheap
    good quality vapor gear 

  8. Gotta Love on

    Can’t wait to see the new website if it comes out! What’s the episode of
    the sound show when you build the rasta bong then break it? I saw it in
    your introduction to the latest building a bong on a budget and I’m anxious
    to see it!

  9. rexeverything241 on

    Have you checked all the settings and ins and outs of your camera software
    for an auto focus hotkey? Like press the A key and auto focus turns off/on?

  10. pentium123rd on

    I don´t understand why are bongs in US so expensive, I checked some e-shops
    and I found the same bongs I have 3 times more expensive then i paid for
    those here in Czech Republic.

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