Tommy Guns and Cupcakes

Slow Decent Into Madness…….
February 14, 2015
February 14, 2015

Θµ∩â-»â•”Θ∩ε Brings out the machine gun build that we built back in Jun of 2013 see video link below ↔↔ Then tries out the Sara Lee cupcakes. https://


  1. Countryboysmoker420 says:

    thumbs up everybody Sound is back!!!!!

  2. -Epileptic Stoner Community- says:

    Cheers man an nice little fail on ending the video xD lol

  3. ean homer says:

    Does weed crumbs in ecig juice make the THC fall off into the juice and
    make it medicated? 

  4. Society's Fault says:

    HOUSE PANTSSSSSSS have a nice day sound

  5. BigJoe Kasulis™ says:

    §Θµ∩►╔Θ∩ε§ ßΣΣ └ª§§☼, ßΣΣ └ª§§Θ .

  6. Pancakesinspace says:

    Was up on Instagram with insomnia and saw you post about a new vid. Had to
    come over and check it out

  7. E Beazy420 says:

    Cheers sound 

  8. Sound Experiments says:
  9. Blaze It says:

    Sound you are the fucking best,

  10. Michael De Medeiros says:

    Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake made my buddy cry it was so good…we were
    pretty ripped. 

  11. jordan7455 says:

    Love the videos sound! 🙂

    Can u make a video of all ur bongs, and hit a few of them, like the huge
    blue base bong and some other nice ones

  12. Marijuana Star says:

    haven’t seen the Gun in awhile. I told My husband, I really Want to make a
    Build like that… But What I really Want is a STAR Build. Like a Glass
    Brick STAR, Type of thing, to add to my Collection LOL…

  13. Bret Bernhoft says:

    I love these stoner snack videos. Much delicious.

  14. Caleb Evans says:

    I was sitting here, refreshing my YouTube subscription feed every five
    minutes or so, and then your video came up. Thanks for stopping by, I was
    needing a smoking buddy at this hour of the night haha! Stay stoney man,
    Peace! :)

  15. volcomXdiamond says:

    how come you stopped making awesome bongs?

  16. CAPSrule8888 says:

    It’s the valentines day nug massacre!!

  17. GoldFishEatSouls says:

    yeah man those cakes are not bad. my cousin had a buudie of his that worked
    at the factory so because of this they gave me a big box of them. haaha
    maybe thats why I out on pounds