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September 17, 2010
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September 17, 2010
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wtf? asked:

soo this guy and i are hanging out tomorow. weve hung out a cple times before but i wanna make tomorow a great day for him. the thing is. he has no job, has a suspended license, no car, on probation for posession of marijuana. lol crazy right? but that doesnt matter to me. he lives about 20 minutes away from me. so i have to drive alll the way over there to chill w/ him. its not a problem for me but i just get annoyed w/ driving up there. lol. anyways. since i dont really wanna spend money because he has no job and i would gladly pay for him but i dont think guys like it when a girl pays. he told me he doesnt lol. im tryna think of what kidna fun things we can do!? hes an outgoing guy who likes to do outdoor thigns but idk ? HELP! i really like this guy!
hes the one who wants to chill w/ me but hes making me choose on what we should do. lol.


  1. ??? says:

    Your are going way out of your way for this dude, you might want to chill before he gets sick of you.

  2. Rachel Davis says:

    You should go ice blocking!
    It is like a dollar for a block of ice.. find a grassy hill, put a plastic bag on top of the ice and sit on it then slide down hills..
    I know it sounds dumb, but seriously my friends and I do this all the time!