The Grow Pro Needs Some Dab Advice?


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The Grow Pro Needs Some Dab Advice?How do you keep your shit clean from all the oil.?

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  1. 1980kes on

    and ur gettin that wayyyyyy2 hot jay…less heat is better bro. experiment and just see how little u actually need to heat that nail to vape bho…enjoy thectaste more:)

  2. 1980kes on

    just dont keep dome on. and raise that nail higher. nail head should be almont to top of dome opening…ur gonna have less clame2 that way

  3. KoloradoKush970 on

    Clean regularly, Iso alcohol to remove the claim, and just make sure to take your dome off after every hit. Happy HIghs

  4. CptHwdy2013 on

    that sucks man 😛 use 99% iso on it
    it’ll get that shitty res. off
    hey wheres my damn blow tube lol

  5. bababludrawz on

    Take it off after the dab…let the nail cool sum 4 flavor hits….91or99% & salt 4cleanin…globulate;))

  6. Oregonsgreen on

    Iso Alcohol is the best way to clean the dome joints and once you get reclaim inside use iso that has been warmed up and it cleans up very fast and easy. Iso is your best friend.

  7. Joe FoSho on

    plus u should only heat the nail til u see just a lil red then place ur dome an take the dab. that nail is too hot for that hit u took. just a suggestion not tellin ya what to do. try it out. u might like it

  8. Dabbernaut on

    Jay you can just blast the joint on your piece for 2/3 seconds and you will be able to wipe the oil right off the joint with just a regular paper towel, for the dome just use a little amount of at least 91% Isopropyl alcohol and fill the dome half way, with a finger on both ends of the dome shake it for 45 sec to a minute and it should clean your dome of all the oil, also a good idea to use a Q tip or paper towel to scrub the dome joint after you are done shaking it. 

  9. haribo harbert on

    sit it in nail polish remover over night then clean with ear buds then in water then as good as new

  10. greenleafskills on

    a dabber to control where the dab goes,i think tossing it in there allows it to drip on side..thats why i just got me one today.

  11. Joe FoSho on

    yo brother you nail is a little low an can cause u to heat that joint a little to much to u should prob raise the nail. if the nail is to sticky heat it red hot an it will cook the oil off. use iso to clean the oil off tho

  12. ColoradoCannasseur on

    ^^This. Take the 99% iso and put a bit in a ziplock bag and throw the dome in there. You can throw the stem in the baggie too. Then just put some iso in the piece and shake it around and let it sit for a while. It will have everything clean as new. Always run hot water through it and shake it around to make sure you get all the iso out in the end.

  13. DerpDerpity420 on

    Hey J, we’re new too. However Formula 420 cleaner works well according to Teresa. Just make sure you get some salt on it. See ya on Live with Jay Tonight. Peace!

  14. SeedBankReviews on

    great lookin wax.

    some times the pieces will warp or were not “one off” and the fit n finish might not be exact.

    not that I would suggest a diamond bit but other than fixing that issue, you can go with a domeless nail or just get a new dome that fits better for you.

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