December 17, 2014
Weed Porn
December 17, 2014

Thanks for watching! Find out more about this event at Stay high with me!


  1. Ronald Shannon says:

    I need to go to califorina

  2. Amber Bennett says:

    Thank you for taking us inside the Emeral Cup Coral! Lots of love from NY
    reefers to you, keep doing your thing girl! Stay high!

  3. Rob Bourdon says:

    THE EMERALD CUP – Coral Reefer

  4. Dylan Heid says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! 

  5. Daryl Emery says:

    This is great! Sad I missed it.

  6. Lucid Strawberry says:

    Very informative. You sure know your stuff Coral! I wish there were more
    events like this in Pennsylvania. Anything around here isnt about
    celebrating cannibis, it is just a means to make money. I choose not to
    support events like that. But I do keep my fingers crossed that PA will
    come around! Thanks for sharing!! -Krissy Kush <3

  7. Coral Reefer says:
  8. b1untrama says:

    word berner fuck insta they wack as fuck. its a medicine and a plant.
    cookie insta in the future thats whats up. tsu is that new new shit

  9. Laura Tipton says:

    I love living in WA but times like these make me wish I lived in
    California. My goodness, the glass work and stunning buds! I’m a sucker for
    some creme brulee and now I have the urge to go make some! Keep spreading
    the word 🙂 Soon there will be full legalization!

  10. Swearing Ape says:

    THE EMERALD CUP – Coral Reefer

  11. Juliann Adams says:

    So many beautiful and pretty things I’m seeing that I must buy, see for
    myself, and try out! I had never heard of this event before, but after
    seeing it on your page it is definitely on my “to do” list! I love how you
    documented the whole experience. :)

  12. Brandy Miller says:

    i love the yellow piece