The Chalice Man

smoking some weed
April 23, 2014
Boss Vegas – 300
April 23, 2014

The Chalice ManSoundrone announces the 14mm Conversion downstem now avaliable on the Soundrone opens up a package sent to him from “The Chalice Man” please vi…


  1. prfct1on says:

    God damn dude.. that’s one hard hitting coconut.

  2. CanadianRooster5 says:

    Oh man I want one! That thing looks awesome

  3. YouthSpirit says:

    sound I’ve been living in jamaica for 6 months and this video made my day..
    super jealous but I’m making it my mission to find myself and authentic
    jamaican chalice now!

  4. Tom Climpson says:

    Love your videos bro, could you do a how to roll a joint/blunt video
    because I want to see how the king of youtube rolls? Mad respect from
    England, keep up the good work!

  5. Tony Myers says:


  6. Sound Experiments says:
  7. connorvip2 says:

    The 12″ is my favorite. I want one like that so badly 

  8. SatinMan says:




  9. cOrYoPhUs says:

    13:40 “I don’t know what to do with my hands.”

  10. Ricky Rademacher says:

    Love your vids man keep it up, and I think a how to roll a joint vid is a
    good idea 

  11. SatinMan says:

    Sweet piece that is bad ass!!

  12. RiccRaw23to83 says:

    The second hit was the one! Saying Housepant while choking had me laughing
    for like 5 minutes. Great vid. 

  13. Noah Carlson says:

    So sound when you gonna build another bong man

  14. ChocolateThunder728 says:

    Sound man delete this video and trip load it with your address blocked out

  15. Weedin Canada says:

    i love your videos man! Im pretty sure ive seen all of your videos! keep it

  16. THEHOAG says:

    Lmao coughing to death and manages to say HOUSE PANTS

  17. Soaps7 says:

    Haha you’re so derpy Sound, keep it up! :D

  18. Killedbycotton says:

    Great video sound!

  19. rayc1962 says:

    I’m a fan of yours Sound. I enjoy your video’s and the way you act. I need
    to warn you as a friend whom I have noticed make a dangerous mistake. There
    are many bad people in this world, and the more famous we get, the more we
    become their target. I have actually seen this happen, so please protect
    yourself from harm, and “Do not let the general population know where you
    live!” You’ve made a grave mistake showing your address in a video. I am
    truly just acting as a friend, trying to protect you and anyone I care
    about. Peace