The battle continues legalize marijuana


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The battle continues legalize marijuanaJust a quick look at my garden while I talk about the future.

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  1. bozeangelos on

    will it effectivly battle negative temps cause montana can reach neg 10 to 20degrees at night in the winter

  2. Irish Medi Farmer on

    I use a heater in my grow room it’s designed for green houses it is 60 watt it just a tube that sits on the ground,I have it on a timer and it switches on every 20 mins for 10 mins my temps never drop below 19c.i used to use the house heating which cost a fortune.the heater is just ten watts more than my fans,it doesn’t cost much.Peace out.The Irish Medi Farmer.13%er DOL

  3. Irish Medi Farmer on

    Oh & my room without the small heater can get down below 10c around 45 50f cold to cold to be growing but the greenhouse hater is runs at less than 50 cents a day.

  4. bozeangelos on

    thx man this is going to be an end all harvest bug free stress free hoping for enough to last a long time

  5. bozeangelos on

    just like they only sell weeeeeek ass beer and alc. but like in montana we enjoy getting fucked up so we have like 8.5% beer so we will probly have like 20% thc buds And higher available to the public plus like i said if they really treat it like beer and tobacco you will be allowed to grow it yourself in my opinion grow your own does not work with medical because you are not allowed to grow opium and synthesize it and yadda yadda yadda you know

  6. bozeangelos on

    of course we want prohibition to end and hopefully that means treating it like ciggs or alcohol both of which you can produce on a personal level i can brew beer or hard A in my garage i can also grow tobacco plants if i so choose but if i want to distribute it i need a home brewers license this is how i hope it goes

  7. brick420247365 on

    it looks to me like you might have done a “FIM” top on the lady on the right. no matter the case, she looks healthy and happy. they should do well in flower. i would definitely recommend a Scrog on the lady on the right. Peace

  8. autokush on

    i know what your saying about the house heating … but do you have to get a special timer or do they all do this ? cuz im preatty sure my timer only does one day at a time .but where u get the heater designed for greenhouses?

  9. bozeangelos on

    i agree the greedy bastards at the top will make it difficult so we must stand together and say fuck no i wont do what ya tell me

  10. bozeangelos on

    eventually be what the people want then we have to start somewhere i imagine the quality will be good or bad depwnding on where you live like in utah it will be like 1% thc because of the facking mormons

  11. koden9190 on

    looks good man. keep it going. legalize it!! keep updating ill be checking ya out. Check my update ;P Sub if you like!!

  12. bozeangelos on

    wont it cost a fortune to keep my garage heated with that though for 12 hrs a day for two months at a time also im worried about fan nois

  13. autokush on

    and you know whats gunna happen? its just gunna thrive the black market even more cuz there prices will be too high and it will prolly be shitty. who knows about the quality. than there will be more people in jail and it will defeat the purpose of doing it in the first place so i think eventually we could get our way.

  14. autokush on

    yea i hope so too man, i just cant imagine it going that way for us.. but all we can do is hope for the best i guess.

  15. autokush on

    we dont want weed legalized ! we want the prohibition to end… all this means is there going to be the only ones aloud to grow it and sell it … it will be illegal for anyone to grow there own weed… thanks for checking out my grow .. and nice grow btw

  16. yatubeish on

    Lookin nice & healthy boz! Just a small suggestion if your worried about cold temps in the garage when lights go off,you could Maybe use a small greenhouse heater inside the grow area at night, just a idea ma man, peace!

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