Stoner Snacks: Carrot cake M&M

Stoner Snacks: Spring Oreos
March 24, 2015
March 24, 2015

Soundrone’s Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at Boro Warehouse Discount Glass Gallery For Parts 420 …


  1. BigJoe Kasulis™ says:

    I think you might be onto something… 10:40 ;)

  2. Brandy aka sweetbleam says:

    u need to do the been boozled challenge lol look it up that would be a
    funny vide\o

  3. Austin Day says:

    Love that shirt, i see it in a bunch of videos, where can i get it????

  4. Austin Olmstead says:


  5. MistaAaBluntrizzla. says:

    I oddly pronounce it m n o m’s hahah

  6. Berto Mendoza says:

    We’re can I get a bow that small

  7. Sound Experiments says:
  8. lauren mill3r says:

    The Cheech <3

  9. Stony Tony says:

    Those M&M’s are fantastic. I was surprised by how well they captured the

  10. John Marco says:

    Hey Sound! What do you call Harrison Ford when he smokes weed? Han So-high

  11. jacob manack says:

    #soundronegiveaway my weed jars bone dry but all I can try is to stop my
    mind from thinking of how good a bowl would feel to the head part lol

  12. First Last says:

    And sweet arm rest!

  13. POOpStiNkPiE says:

    You were cruising down to the store… your 64′ jockin the bitches,
    slapping the hoes. I thought you were about to bust into boys in the hood


  14. Robert William says:

    I love your videos because whether I’m stoned or sober you make me happy.
    Thanks for being an awesome guy. You feel like a friend to me. I don’t
    wanna tell you what to do, but I really hope you keep it up forever. 

  15. Marceline Abadeer says:

    Wish i could smoke with you sound but i ordered my glass from the
    borowarehouse but didn’t realise it takes TWO WEEKS to deliver….

  16. deathpresent101 says:

    hey whats in the water your using in that “water pipe”? 

  17. mickey spliff says:

    dude were do i get a shirt like that?

  18. Clayton Trexler says:

    I also demand you take my money for a bee lasso hot wand there should be a
    hot wand on the Boro warehouse I would buy that shit up just a suggestion
    ha ha your the man 

  19. juan carlitos says:

    if you aint chokin you aint smokin

  20. Aaron Williams says:

    Hey sound, snoner snacks

  21. laplantski says:

    I don’t like nuts, in my mouth..

  22. Dalton Griffin says:

    Sound for your gaming channel you should play some scary games like
    outlast, amnesia, nightmare house 2, ect. Just a suggestion. Great video,
    keep up the good work :D

  23. Kristina Vanella says:

    Two bongs up?! Well now I definitely have to try them. :p

  24. Bella Luna says:

    Mars put out Birthday Cake M&Ms last year but I never got any, they were
    always sold out. I bet they were scrumptious!

    We all know what the green M&M is famous for, what color M&M do you think
    smokes the most weed?

  25. Justin Jone says:



  26. kyle brewerton says:

    Yo sound whered you get that mouse and arm rest thingy

  27. joe greem says:

    You have a great head of hair.

  28. Anthony Lara says:


  29. Bryan Warren says:

    The name thus stood for “Mars & Murrie” the co-creators of the candy.

  30. TrogdorMan says:

    M and M’s to my head place.

  31. SpaztallicA says:

    I can’t comprehend anyone actually pronouncing the “and” in m&m’s, it’s
    like “rock n roll”, abbreviations are just way cooler

  32. Tobar TheFerryman says:

    “stale smoke is yucky and will kill you dead” – SD 2015

  33. powerliftingteen says:

    I trought i was the only one that didnt like nuts in my baked goods!

  34. oTubby says:


  35. Magister Jonah says:

    ya but eminem does come in carrot cake flavor as well lol…by the way
    whats stale smoke?

  36. Nick Arvanites says:

    As always thanks for the vids soundman!

  37. khris j says:

    hahahahaha all the ways to say mm lol 

  38. laplantski says:

    Em-in-Em owns mars, duh…

  39. lauren mill3r says:

    I’m probably gonna sound dumb for asking this lol but why do you use the
    string thing to light your bowls?
    Anyway love the vids man 

  40. John Marco says:

    Keep em comin, sound man. U need an cool intro for these vids, like ur
    other channel.

  41. richToFEn1337 says:

    They get the keebler elves to inject witch magic into the m&m’s that’s how
    they do it sound

  42. king b says:

    Okay so I gotta say I have been subscribed to your channel for a while I
    like your videos you’re very outgoing happy and interesting for 38,000 subs
    I think you actually deserve now keep it up I love the armrest I hope we
    can smoke over the Internet or in person sometime and I guess your name is
    soundrone so piece out sound drone

  43. oTubby says:

    can i have your entire bong collection, ill trade you in belly lint and dog

  44. Ismokemysalad710 says:

    carrot cake isn’t carrot cake without walnuts 

  45. Mewtwo420 says:

    Yo man dude your too funny hahahahahah

  46. hustlin5010 says:

    I want some now

  47. DoctorDARKSIDE says:

    All that green outside the window…. You’ve got an affinity with
    “greenery” Sound!

  48. MrTimmaster says:

    you should get more vases for the 420Armory sound, all the vases on there
    are kinda small and the 8 inch ones are sold out :(.

  49. john how says:

    M ma nems