spider mite killer or snake oil? ?

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bluecrown601 asked:

”that stuff” plant wash s.m.c.f. spider mite killer ‘Description’..That Stuff plant wash is intended to keep plants clean by duplicating the rain that normally falls on outdoor plants. That stuff washes away debris indoor pollutants along with anything else that is on the leaf. That Stuff plant wash is recognized for its ability to be unkind to spider mites. That Stuff is advertised as a ready to use product but a surfactant or spreader/sticker is advised to adhere the product to the leaf and dislodge anything unwanted.

Ingredients: water, propylelne glycol, citric acid, FD&C color.

now i think they spelled ”propylelne” wrong just to through people off!
I have friends who use this ”STUFF” and they swear by it that it works. but i want to know how !! I think its snake oil but people have even drank it to prove its safe! really what is this shit.
here’s a link
what in this is killing spider mites on marijuana plants or on any plant?

3 comments on “spider mite killer or snake oil? ?

  1. meanolmaw on

    relatively safe additive….

    it’s said here to be useful,

    of course, the act of spraying a plant with water does irritate the mites, as they prefer dry surroundings…. a good blast from the hose does as much as ‘that stuff’…. for really infestations a ‘miticide’ is your best bet….

  2. Nellie on

    To be honest i have never heard of this product befor. What we have always used and have found worked is to put a bit of dish soap into a sprayer bottle and fill with water. Shake it up good and spray it onto the plants. It won’t hurt anything and works to kill off the bugs. I would not suggest drinking this mixture as i doin’t think it would be very yummy. Good luck.

  3. Rej C on

    the surfactant you use can be disruptive to the spidermites on its own.
    so maybe with the citric acid ?
    i wonder what p.h. you end up spraying. (surfactant + citric acid)

    have you already tried more natural sprays like soap or garlic ?
    i’m sure a lot sites about the plants you might grow will recommend many different safe recipes for pesticides .

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