Soundrone Dab Session 01

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August 14, 2014
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August 15, 2014

Soundrone Dab Session 01Soundrone smokes some #dabs with his new #domeless quartz nail on the #Cheechsandblast then he smokes some #bho with an ecig and an interesting piece of glass soon to be available… Soundrone’s…


  1. ShutUpAndHitIt says:

    you a fan of wiz?

  2. sexkrazedpanda says:

    Yes! The sample finally got ripped on. also SoundLab Experimental glass

  3. cris hoff says:

    4, 5, 6, 7 comment haha , cheeers big ears!

  4. Nigga not Killa says:

    Are you going to the seattle hemp fest??

  5. SmokeumPeacepipe says:

    sound you may cough less if you let your nail cool off a little bit more!
    you hit a really hot nail in my opinion, but just something to try. if you
    like a hot ass nail in the end then so be it ha, but i think youll
    appreciate a lower temperature dab :)

  6. The Apple Industries says:


  7. Max Roberds says:

    I think using the work Foundries would be killer for the website

  8. Adrianna Lopez says:

    What about cannabis customs as a name?

  9. Ian Traynor says:

    Hey sound how is the ranch going?

  10. CustomGrow420 says:

    I like mine extra hot CHEERS!

  11. Nethaniel Chaviest says:

    First like and comment

  12. skeliton1011 says:

    Love the vape glass connection to the little sample bong! Sick
    invention/idea love you sound! PTFO! :)

  13. Sound Experiments says:
  14. tomato48 says:

    Glad I got to smoke with you today cheers sound man! 

  15. 420gogrow says:

    Good show! Had me Rollin

  16. michael beaumier says:

    ayy I still like taking rippers with my boy sound. dont forget about bud

  17. richard barnes says:

    yo sound how long is your free samples of bee lasso if u don’t mind me
    asking I am working on my s.a.s.e now just wonted to no what I’m getting in
    to lol

  18. terence clark says:

    hay sounddrone i ben meaning to tell you a secret WE ARE GROOT

  19. DaveToTheMaxx says:

    Just smoked my first dab to this session. Cheers Big Ears!

  20. BrutesWayy says:

    you what helps me drinking somthin hot like hotchoc or coffe

  21. Jonathan Ocampo says:

    I want one of those in lines so bad

  22. BrutesWayy says:

    do vids called Dab Dayz and only smoke dabs in the videos

  23. Anonymous-kado says:

    Why dont youmake videos anymore?

  24. ShutUpAndHitIt says:

    shirt is hellaa fresh

  25. eLGeeJR says: