Smoking Weed and New Possible New Content?

LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
August 20, 2014
LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
August 20, 2014

Smoking  Weed and New Possible New Content?Soundrone smokes from the Molecule cylinder with the NG inline chess piece ash catcher. what exactly do you like about Soundrone’s content…do you like the smoking or the talking portions….


  1. Michael Hess says:

    We want daily 10-20 minute videos! PTFO!

  2. Satryicon says:

    Sound! Long time sub! Please do some additional “simply tokin” videos, in
    addition to your regular feed please! I have a new little channel, with
    videos, and they have… Grrreeen! Cheers check it out and do some little
    videos showcasing just glass, smoke and strains, please, thanks

  3. Joshua R says:

    I think quick hit videos would be awesome. I don’t think a new channel is
    necessary, unless you want to put in the extra work (SoundQuickHits would
    be a good name idea if you did). Maybe do a trial run for a few days and
    see how they go over. I’m all for it :)

  4. Ryan Pasinski says:

    no sound i dont think you should upload your videos of you smoking for a

  5. MrNightmarekill says:


  6. joe greem says:

    Why do you light that glass bulb thing? Why not just use the lighter?

  7. Trey Gray says:


  8. Sound Experiments says:
  9. Ryan Pasinski says:

    same goes big nose!

  10. Mr Owl says:

    You should invest in a slow motion camera and film the bowls being torched
    up close in HD. That would be cool! 

  11. Justin Cooley says:

    Honestly man, I think you should just do what you do. I watch you because
    your hilarious. No need to worry about those side videos of just rippers. 

  12. Cris Hoff says:

    yeah i think that putting up vids of just bongs rips or even massive bong
    rips with like your favorite music playing would killer, do it man , if you
    bong hit they will listen haaahaha oh and take a solar hit post that yeahh
    pure sun vaped weed oooooooooh yeaaah um i dont know how many time ive
    edited this comment but find more stuff to talk about more topics and more

  13. Faizan Khalifa says:

    I like your videos how are

  14. JuniorKoolAid says:

    Do it sound! Record yourself and make “quickies” I’ll watch em daily 

  15. andrew cox says:

    Do 4-6 videos a day soundrone keep it live$100

  16. zev kipnis says:

    Will you be shipping to Canada?

  17. scotty seventen says:

    sound i say you start a new kinda episode thing called “Daily Smokin Sound”
    with all your daily bong hits collabed together once a day

  18. juggalogingah says:

    D’aaaaw, that stoney kitty is adorable

  19. hippoman982 says:

    419th vid…

  20. Foobakoop says:

    Hell yeah unedited rippers

  21. Pheeps says:

    what happened to the soundrone army minecraft server?

  22. Nick Dover says:

    Keep this how it is brother! DONT CHANGE THE FORMAT IF IT AIN’T BROKE DONT
    FIX IT!

  23. Chantal DePAlma says:

    If you make the bong ripathon play on a screen you could shoot it to this
    channel and it would not be editing.Unedited vloging of an edited
    compilation would pass muster right?

  24. Robyn Withrow says:


  25. Michael Hess says:

    Sound is DA COOLEST!

  26. Pheeps says:

    hey sound you remind me of jack black in a way. and jack black is a bad ass

  27. BloodyClownMaggot says:

    That hair is ballin’!!

  28. ToNOdokA says:

    Keep everything how it is sound I like it but I wouldn’t mind daily
    unedited videos on this channel… Keep it cool

  29. Matt Irv says:

    You were defs talking about customgrow420 for the hempwick , I saw your
    other video of your three bong hits and it made me think that you were
    watching customgrow420