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Awesome New Channel Intro: Money Science Idea! by MSI
February 21, 2015
February 21, 2015

Jane Dro: In Depth Product Reviews and 420 Lifestyle Coach https:// Soundrone’s new computer SDA GAMES Soundrones gaming …


  1. Jackson Whatley says:

    Sound, ive been playing a really game for a while now and I thought you
    should give it a try, its called heroes and generals

  2. AnarchyZombie666 says:

    sound your awesome keep making these great videos #GoodVibes 

  3. Brandon Payne says:

    Long night at work. Two bowls of O.G #Goodvibes

  4. Whippy TripodZA says:

    Awesome bong

  5. forestlin20 says:

    Jane Dro sent me and now I’m not leaving. #GoodVibes

  6. Courtney Dobard says:

    #GoodVibes just subscribed from Jane Dro’s channel. Support the movement!!!

  7. TheRedhead49 says:

    I’m looking forward to binge watching you this cold rainy weekend!

  8. POOpStiNkPiE says:

    Thank you for tuning in to medicate with strangers! Just like pot I need my
    daily Soundrone fix. 

  9. Sound Experiments says:
  10. Collapze says:


  11. Jamie Beasley says:

    Live long, live happy, live high #goodvibes

  12. Squishy Beetle says:

    Bruh…. Bruh. You don’t know how excited I got when you said you wanted a
    crew 😀 I would Sooo be down to game with you man. I mostly play MMORPG’s
    but I’m slowly getting into PC gaming 

  13. Zachary Yazzie says:

    Ever see that survivorman episode where he fills his bong up with urine?


  14. calebvdk says:

    Feelin the #GoodVibes Love your videos!

  15. Mike DeRose says:

    SOUND! that PC is a monster, though some people have issues with that
    video card. You should still run most any game on the highest settings,
    Hope to game with you in the future a bit.

  16. Justin Jone says:

    looks EXACTLY like urine, lol.

  17. Fatalfall says:

    Nice new computer, Sound! If you don’t mind me asking, what are the specs
    of the computer you have right now? (CPU, video card, RAM)

  18. Niko Bellic says:

    Check out Coral Reefer for the Bee Lasso thing you mentioned.

  19. Bret Bernhoft says:

    Nice CPU. Nice motherboard. Decent RAM. Solid state hard drive is a nice
    touch too. Looking forward to new videos from this beast you call your new

  20. Abby Elaine says:

    Been watching videos from Jane Dro and just recently discovered yours! so
    glad to see you sponsor her! #GoodVibes 

  21. Felipe Sattin says:

    Damnmnmn, ain’t no rest for the wicked… I covered this song, sound, check
    it out if you want to.. peace, dude!

  22. socknetea says:

    Good’OL Sound!!! Cant wait to see how you take advantage of that Beastly
    PC, #GoodVibes

  23. Luke Nicholson says:

    New subscriber here from the UK 🙂 Keen to scroll through and see what I’ve
    missed. #Goodvibes

  24. joey hampton says:

    I love the cheers volunteers cause I’m a huge tennessee football fan go
    vols, gbo.

  25. boot skatt says:

    i dont even have to look at the comments to know that there is a comment
    relating to bear grylls

  26. DeadlyCookie15 says:

    i have the gtx 970 4gb right now, and it’s a beast!!

    BTW you only need a 500-600 watt PSU to run the CPU without any issues

  27. awkwardturtle69x says:

    Yo Sound, I dunno if you heard but the 970 has 3.5gb vram, which may cause
    a few problems. You can find videos on here detailing about it. Other than
    that, friggen sweet build man.

  28. NyCJT62 says:

    Happy Saturday #goodvibes

  29. Brittney Espinosa says:

    #GoodVibes for Everyone 

  30. Kristi Leigh says:

    Awesome bong! #goodvibes 

  31. Ronald Bonar says:

    Hello, from the Wasteland. #GoodVibes

  32. Nav says:

    computer looks sick man

  33. Kristina Vanella says:

    Jane sent me over and I subscribed! Your videos are awesome! Thank you for
    sponsoring such a cool giveaway! #goodvibes 

  34. Rose Norman says:

    Good night and #Goodvibes

  35. Amber M says:

    #Goodvibes I love your piece I only dream to own a nice bong like that one
    day lol

  36. michigantee420 says:

    Hi just found you from Jane Dro’s channel. #goodvibes

  37. rican Burnout Sr. says:

    Thank you soundrone for turning me on to Jane dro. I love her energy and
    charisma. #goodvibes

  38. Anthony Garcia says:

    Her channel is pretty awesome! Glad you sponsored a channel that keeps the
    videos interesting in the cannabis world or else I probably would of never
    came across her channel. #GoodVibes

  39. Stony Tony says:

    Is there any way to join without using Facebook? I’d love to play with you,
    but I have a strict “Fuck Facebook” policy.

  40. Austin Olmstead says:

    Have you ever blown a pipe?

  41. Xie'Thor De'Gio says:

    great computer build XD glad to see your building it yourself, just a heads
    up, the GTX 970 has a bit of an “issue” with its 4GB of VRAM. your actually
    getting 3.5GB of VRAM. theres abunch of vid to teall you why and give you
    the tech talk on it, just a heads up. i was looking at the 970 as well and
    just decided to put the extra bills in to get a GTX 980. XD love the vid

  42. Alex Hume says:

    #goodvibes to all. But you you sound, a special vibe; thanks for being such
    a really and cool example of a successful stoner entreprenuer. You a nice
    insporation to all use young stoners that have big plans and still love

  43. William Warren says:

    That bong looks awesome!

  44. InkOnMyFanLeaves420 says:

    Awesome video bud… I’m a new subscribe .. Found out about your channel
    via +Jane Dro sending some #goodvibes

  45. TheSmoketrixx says:

    The only problem i can see is your probably gonna want to go with a atx
    Full tower case. The newer video cards take up alot of space and you have a
    large cpu cooler.

  46. Bella Luna says:

    Jane sent me! Stop, Drop and Roll! #goodvibes

  47. Kaytlin Schipper says:

    I’ve been subscribed to Jane for a couple months and yours for a couple
    weeks. Both channels have great content. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  48. jonnyjonny26 says:

    Sound you’re chill as Fuck 

  49. dustin king says:

    Sound, you should create a badass intro when you get the new computer!!